10 Quirky Roadside Attractions in Illinois Worth Seeing

The Prairie State is a paradise for road trippers. From the Chicago Botanical Garden to the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, there’s plenty to see in Illinois when traveling by car. Specifically, those who enjoy stopping to see roadside sights and quirky landmarks should consider visiting this Midwestern state.

Whether you’re passing through or planning a trip to Illinois, these roadside attractions are worth stopping by, making for great photo ops to show everyone back home. From the quirky to the quirky, these roadside attractions can only be found in the great state of Illinois!

ten Brooks Ketchup Bottled Water Tower

Dubbed the world’s largest ketchup bottle, the Brooks ketchup bottle is actually a water tower in Collinsville, Illinois.

Standing at 170 feet, this larger-than-life ketchup (or ketchup) bottle has stood proudly for decades since its construction in 1949. Due to its long history, this unique water tower is recognized as a historic and is on the National Register of Historic Homes.

9 Leaning Tower of Niles

Being an architectural marvel, the Leaning Tower of Pisa is always crowded with tourists.

Luckily, visitors who want to get away from the crowds while enjoying this wonder can do so in Niles, Illinois.

That’s because Niles is home to the Leaning Tower of Niles, a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa cut in half!

Easily snap a photo in front of the tower without photobombers when visiting this attraction. In addition, this monument is close to many shops and restaurants around Niles, making it an ideal stopover for a rest.

8 big things small town

Stop by Casey for a few days to enjoy the charm of a small town in Illinois while seeing a series of great roadside attractions!

This cozy town is proud to feature 12 of the world’s greatest landmarks, including a massive rocking chair, mailbox, barber pole, wind chime, Minion and more.

Fans of weird, quirky and giant roadside attractions won’t want to miss the opportunity to venture to Casey to see their monstrous exhibits, which can be found all over downtown Casey!

seven Comfortable dog ride

Driving for long periods of time can be tedious and boring, even when stopping at quirky roadside attractions. More importantly, driving for a long time can whet your appetite.

Those craving fast food but wanting to experience something historic can stop by the Cozy Dog Drive-In on Springfield, just off Route 66.

This historic drive-in is low-key but popular among visitors and locals alike, serving up American fare like burgers, chili fries, and corn dogs. For over 70 years, the Cozy Dog Drive-In has been a staple along historic Route 66 and well worth stopping for a bite to eat.

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6 Henry’s Rabbit Ranch

Disneyland isn’t the only happy place in the world. Just off Route 66 in Staunton is a popular attraction: Henry’s Rabbit Ranch Home.

This tourist attraction features historical memorabilia from old Route 66, which includes exhibits of vehicles, artifacts, road signs, and more.

Plus, as the name suggests, there are also a dozen cute and fluffy bunnies on the property!

5 Kaskaskia Dragon

Everyone wishes dragons were real. However, the second best option is to marvel at the Kaskaskia dragon in Vandalia. This popular monument resembles a mighty beast only heard of in myths and fantasy tales, glowing brightly (due to its metallic structure), with occasional fire-breathing abilities!

After driving long hours through Illinois, take a break and visit the Kaskaskia Dragon, a perfect photo opportunity for kids and youngsters alike.

4 Swing for ten people

Bring nine other friends to enjoy the Ten Person Swing, which can be easily found in Granite City, Illinois.

Not intended for the solo traveler, road trippers visiting Granite City in a group will enjoy having their photo taken while swinging on this massive swing, serving as an interactive piece of art (which is actually called A giant swing for all my friends)!

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3 The Giant Gemini

Don’t be afraid of the Gemini Giant! Standing at 30 feet, this smiling giant is a popular landmark in Wilmington, just off US Route 66. Carrying a rocket in its hands, the Gemini Giant greets curious visitors en route to Wilmington.

This friendly, photo-worthy giant sits next to the town’s famous restaurant, the Launching Pad Drive-In. After snapping a few shots with the monument, stop by Launching Pad for no-frills American fare.

2 Demoulin Museum

Located in Greenville on Prairie Street, the Demoulin Museum is a place of wacky fun and roadside oddities. Founded in 2010, this one-of-a-kind museum honors the unique products made by DeMoulin Bros and Company, suppliers of marching band uniforms, graduation caps, lodge furnishings and other goods.

Specifically, those who take the time to explore this museum can see unusual contraptions like the Invisible Paddle Machine, a Lift and Spray Machine, and the Chainsaw Goat!

1 The largest collection of antique brooms in the world

Travelers who frequent roadside oddities know well that there are museums dedicated to anythingand the world’s largest collection of antique brooms is no exception!

Located in Arcola, visitors can view the city’s collection of antique broomsticks (over 1,000!) at the Arcola Historic Train Depot.

Plus, this Amish town is worth a visit, as it has other attractions like the World’s One and Only Hippie Memorial and Raggedy Ann Doll Exhibits!

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