11 Haunted Michigan Attractions With The Best Thrills

Glenlore Trails in Commerce Township (Haunted Forest)

Fall is a special season in Michigan, with beautiful fall colors, fun cider houses, apple cider, donuts, pumpkins and more. Of course, don’t forget Michigan’s great haunted attractions.

Michigan truly has some of the best haunts you’ll find in America. I think it’s a Midwestern thing, to really get into spooky season with haunted houses, corn mazes, and haunted wagon rides. I mean, we have tons of beautiful farms here that always come to mind with their own haunted attractions and especially corn mazes.

What’s also interesting is that Michigan is one of the most haunted states in America. It’s according to the site GhostsOfAmerica.com, which indicates that Michigan residents have reported the fourth highest number of ghost sightings across the country, only behind Texas, California and Ohio. On top of that, nearly every town in Michigan has reported at least one ghost sighting, according to GhostsOfAmerica.com, which means there’s no escaping the spooky stuff.

It’s hard to believe, but Halloween is getting closer, which means that pretty soon all the haunted fun will be over. Can’t someone have a haunted attraction all year round? Yes please. I really think a year round haunt would be popular, not to mention all the cool things you could do over the holidays mixing Halloween and Christmas. Read on for a list of 11 haunted houses and must-see Michigan attractions, from corn mazes to houses, which I think are some of the scariest. Plan to visit them, if you dare.

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