5 bizarre attractions in Minnesota

We’ve all talked about common Minnesota attractions. Whether you like them or think they are actually tourist attractions or not, others (people from other states/countries) think they are. We’re talking about the Mall of America (I think it’s kind of weird that people think of a giant mall as a tourist attraction) and places like Valleyfair or events like Ren Fest or the Minnesota State Fair.

We do, however, according to Minnesota Monthly, have some weird, lesser-known attractions. Check out these things:


Let’s all go underground and see what happened a long time ago. Definitely adds a bit of intrigue and mystery, I like a good cave, and a mine is just as good in my book. It is located in northern Minnesota in Lake Vermillion State Park, about 4 hours from St. Cloud. But a great weekend. Also, fun fact, there are more bats hibernating in the winter at this mine than anywhere else in the state – over 15,000 of those things. WOWZA!


Yes, people come from far and wide to see the largest ball of twine found in Darwin, Minnesota. This thing has a cool story behind it too.

Francis A. Johnson was 45 years old when he started rolling up bits of twine from the family farm. Twelve years later, when the bullet weighed two tons, a reporter from the Minneapolis Grandstand asked him why. “My mom taught me not to waste anything,” Francis said.

Apparently there is a bigger one in Kansas, but this one has been completed by people who come to visit the attraction.


My first thought is “we have a salt lake in Minnesota”? Until now, the only salt lake I had heard of was in Utah. But this thing is located on the Minnesota-South Dakota border. From Wikipedia:

Salt Lake got its name because of the naturally occurring lakeside salt, a byproduct of the alkaline soils that surround the lake.[3][4] It is Minnesota’s only alkaline lake and its water is about one-third the salinity of seawater.[1] Salt grasses grow along the shore and in the water of the lake.


We have already talked about this place. It’s so quiet that a person who stays in the room too long can start hallucinating. It is located in Orfield Laboratories. Here are thetory while we have already mentioned this unique room. I think it would be worth checking out, at least to find out how long you can stay in the room before you absolutely want to get out.


There’s this cool place located in Kasota, Minnesota. It’s about 2 hours from St. Cloud south of the Twin Cities. I think it’s like a childhood dream come true. Maybe a bachelor party – like instead of starting out playing golf, everyone is going to drive a tank. It’s funny! Everything you need to know to get this thing working is on their website.

These are some of Minnesota’s “not so ordinary” attractions. Try a few this year.

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