A quality education awaits you at these US schools

In a message on the occasion of the International Day of the Child, then-Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said, “The one thing all children have in common are their rights. Every child has the right to survive and thrive, to be educated, to be free from violence and abuse, to participate and to be heard.

Indeed, every child has the right to be educated. They deserve to have access to a good education, which enables them to use growth-generating knowledge, to apply it in the world and to become the leaders of tomorrow. Without quality education, none of this would be possible.

The American education system remains as competitive as it has always been, providing academic excellence to students from all walks of life. According American News, international students who attended an American high school had the opportunity to practice their English and adapt to the American educational system. The exposure leads to an easy transition to top colleges and universities, many of which are also located in the United States.

Fortunately, more and more schools in the United States are opening their doors to those looking to prepare for college. For optimal preparation, they offer both engaging academics and rewarding opportunities beyond the classroom. These schools are prime examples.

Fairmont Private School

Source: Fairmont Schools

Fairmont schools are a place of opportunity, where international students can learn without limits. Its comprehensive and rigorous curriculum, coupled with instruction from world-class teachers, allows students to follow a curriculum tailored to each student’s unique educational goals and equip them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive in the 21st century. A global International Baccalaureate school, it is one of 19 U.S. institutions to offer the full continuum of International Baccalaureate (IB) programs – IB Primary Years, IB Middle Years, and IB Diploma .

Located in Southern California, Fairmont is the oldest and largest private preschool-12th grade coeducational school in Orange County. It has actively welcomed international students to its campuses for nearly two decades, making its program one of the oldest and most established in California.

Fairmont combines proven fundamentals with cutting-edge approaches to propel students in school and in life. Teachers meet students where they are, providing personalized attention and instruction to help them succeed. Most students work at least a full year above their grade level.

Elementary and middle school students follow well-rounded progressions and benefit from a variety of enrichment resources to develop their intellect. As they advance through the grade level, they are introduced to computer science, robotics, debating, visual and performing arts, physical education, and student government. From the fourth year, they can participate in competitive sports. Elite athletes will be part of its prestigious Athletics Academy.

High school students can participate in leading advanced programs in international business, advanced science and engineering, robotics, and advanced math. All standard college prep programs are approved by the University of California (UC). A low student-to-advisor ratio (77:1 vs. 760:1 California average) ensures personalized support throughout their high school experience. Fairmont graduates are consistently accepted at top 100 colleges and universities nationwide, including Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, Rice, Cal Berkeley and USC.

Here, students feel safe and supported in their inclusive and welcoming “home”. An abundance of markets and cultural centers provide a sense of community and familiarity. Choose Fairmont today to give your child the educational experience of a lifetime.

Concord Academy

At Concord, more than 200 academic courses are available to satisfy all kinds of curiosities

At Concord, more than 200 academic courses are available to satisfy all kinds of curiosities. Source: Concord Academy.

Academics with creative and varied aspirations in mind will settle well in Concord Academy –– an independent, coeducational boarding and day school in Concord, Massachusetts. A total of 400 students from grades 9 to 12 are already there and benefit from as broad a program as possible.

More 200 academic courses are available to satisfy all kinds of curiosities. For schools of this size, such a broad curriculum is a rarity. Here, each student is paired with an advisor –– a faculty member or administrator who is both a mentor and an advocate to help them unlock their potential. For parents, they are vital links between home and school.

At the Concord Academy, the intellectual possibilities are endless. Students pursue their passions through semester electives – whether learning engineering topics such as computer-aided design and manufacturing or directing a senior theater production. They often spend their time cultivating their creative and extracurricular talents. While participating in a rigorous academic program, many are still incredibly active in the arts, athletics, and various clubs or organizations.

Concord Academy’s location makes it the perfect setting for deeper self-discovery. Concord, Massachusetts is a safe, small town in New England that is a tourist destination and a historical treasure. The beautiful campus is also just 30 minutes from bustling Boston, home to countless world-class colleges and universities.

Lake Forest Academy

Lake Forest Academy

At LFA, students own their education. Source: Lake Forest Academy/Facebook

Just 30 miles north of Chicago is the beautiful Lake Forest Academy (LFA). A boarding school for children in grades ninth through twelfth, LFA guides young adults through a comprehensive, student-centered education that extends beyond the school curriculum, centered on rigorous academics, a global perspective, and Midwestern values.

The LFA program is individualized, tailored to each of its students to create a safe, challenging and inspiring learning experience. LFA believes that students own their education. As such, everyone is offered a wealth of choices, from classrooms to sports spaces, after-school lineups and more. As students progress, they broaden their horizons with courses in biochemistry research, web development, and human rights while completing a four-year program designed to prepare them for college and the -of the.

The school wants its students to leave campus inspired, citizens of the world who will immerse themselves in a field of study and thrive. This is done by cultivating a deeper sense of overall awareness and understanding. Students are always encouraged to explore beyond campus – whether virtually, physically, or philosophically.

Aspiring artists also have a place here thanks to an arts concentration in music, theater or visual arts. They master their craft through classes, programs and after-school practice time – all of which are in-depth and often delivered through one-on-one instruction.

Elm School

Elm School

Join Orme’s tight-knit community located in a beautiful campus oasis that offers an unparalleled living experience. Source: Elm School/Facebook

Elm School is a unique, college-preparatory, coeducational boarding and day school for students in grades eight through twelfth. Set on a 300-acre campus with awe-inspiring scenery and grander views, Orme offers both stellar views and a rigorous curriculum to guide learners through a scenic and memorable journey to academic success.

Becoming a student at Orme means joining its close-knit community. On and off campus, life here is fun, filled with tradition and filled with excitement thanks to a kinship of learners, coaches, educators and administrators.

Classroom life is intimate with a average class size of just eight students. Each learner is also encouraged to schedule individual meetings with their teachers after class if they need additional support.

Alongside experts, they follow a solid academic program designed to prepare them for university life and beyond. Courses include AP English, AP Calculus, AP Statistics and AP

Story. There’s even a science department with modern lab facilities for classes in environmental science, biology, chemistry, and AP physics.

That’s not all. At Orme, students also receive qualified instruction in fine arts and music. The school’s location in the beautiful South West makes this possible – a destination where international artists flock to find inspiration. This makes art part of the Orme experience and a dynamic destination for students to showcase their talents.

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