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Coffee is one of the great unifiers of the world. Relationships started over a cup of coffee, friendships were klazy due to a good chai latte and cafes are often the host to many heartfelt conversations. Since coffee is so important in our society, it is normal that Marquette invests to serve us the best.

Coffee is a surefire way to bring people together while embracing the spirit of the city.

Brew cafes are scattered on the Marquette campus – at the Alumni Memorial Union, Raynor Library’s Brew at the Bridge, Dental School, and the David J. Straz School of Business. These cafes serve pastries, food, and Starbucks products.

A great way to bring more of the spirit of Milwaukee to the Marquette campus is to provide The Brew cafes with a local brand of coffee roasting. The good news is that Milwaukee has several viable options.

The top three coffee contenders who might be the best fit for Marquette students include Stone Creek Cafe, Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. and Collective Coffee.

Erich Resch founded Stone Creek Coffee in Whitefish Bay in 1993, “built on the idea that we have an obligation to care for those around us.” It has since expanded to multiple locations in Milwaukee, Madison, Chicago and more.

Born a few years later in 1999, Anodyne Coffee Roasting Co. has a “outstanding cup of coffee.” Now the Location of Walker’s Point even puts on lots of live music – uplifting local Milwaukee artists and drawing large crowds. With quality coffee and great music, what more could you ask for?

Stuck on a “strong desire for a better cup of coffee,” Colectivo co-owners Ward, Paul and Lincoln have created a booming business. Coffee can still be roasted at Riverwest, but it extends far beyond that.

Marquette students can enjoy visiting a variety of cafes around town that sell these products, but it would be even better if they were offered to students on campus at The Brew cafes.

Stone Creek Coffee is served in all campus canteens for student enjoyment, but this may exclude students who do not have a school meal plan.

Whether it’s Stone Creek, Anodyne, or Colectivo, Marquette should include local coffee roasting products in Brew cafes so that all students can enjoy them. Starbucks can be purchased almost anywhere in the country, but for many, coffee from places like Stone Creek, Anodyne, and Colectivo can be a unique Milwaukee experience.

In addition to these, there are many small local cafes that deserve our attention.

Some of these cafes include Interval MKE, Canary Coffee Bar, and Pilcrow Coffee. All have their own unique specialties that could be promoted on the Marquette campus.

One innovative idea the university could adopt is to find other ways to promote these local businesses on campus. They could do this by hosting the cafes to serve on campus in conjunction with other Marquette-affiliated events like they have with Pete’s Pops or Shake Shack. This way, students can familiarize themselves with a variety of local coffee businesses rather than being stuck with just the nearby Starbucks location.

Another great way for students to expand their coffee outlook would be to join “Just Brew It” – Marquette’s coffee club. This organization brings together coffee-loving students to taste and test different shops in the city. It’s a wonderful way to combine human connection and caffeine.

It is important that the heart of Milwaukee be kept alive at the Marquette campus. Coffee may seem like a simple and trivial matter, but it’s important to boost local businesses and create an authentic city experience for students coming from afar.

This story was written by Grace Cady. She can be contacted at [email protected]

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