“Cancel Culture” is hereby canceled – by Dr. Erwin Lutzer’s book “We Will Not Be Silenced” still in Amazon.com’s Top 10 category on the first anniversary of its release

With millions of books published every year. It’s a highly competitive environment, so why, after a full year since its release, is the book “We Will Not Be Silenced,” with 2,300 five-star reviews, selling so well? Because the book’s message prescribes practical ways to combat the continual assault on religion, urging the fundamental virtues of liberty to an audience responding fervently against the neo-Marxists attempting to destroy our United States.

CHICAGO, October 27, 2021 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – “Cancel Culture” is hereby canceled, by a book, nothing less. “We will not be silenced: respond with courage to our culture’s assault on Christianity” celebrates the first anniversary of its November 3, 2020 released because it continues to feature in several Top 10 book categories on Amazon.com, including Christian Social Issues, having sold over 225,000 copies.

It was impossible to miss by Erwin Lutzer urgent message to conservatives. His book has been regularly featured in conservative and prominent media Christian talk shows, including Huckabee, Family Talk with Dr. James dobson, and Focus on the family. Dr Lutzer reminds those concerned about the country’s growing secularism that they are called to be light in a dark world.

Dr Lutzer rallies like-minded people to unity of purpose. His post prescribes practical ways to counter the continuing assaults on religion, urging the fundamental virtues of freedom to a fervently responding audience, including more than 2,300 five-star reviews for the book on Amazon.

In a recent interview, Lutzer warned, “I achieved something about a year or two ago. The radical left does not believe that America can be fixed. She believes that America and its institutions must be destroyed, and on the rubble of our Judeo-Christian Heritage, rebuilt, this time on a Marxist cultural foundation. The consequences are devastating for our future.

Lutzer, pastor for over 50 years, including 36 years as senior pastor of the historic Moody Church of Chicago, enjoys an audience that identifies with its bugle call to stand strong, not ashamed in silence. Recently, he said, “We have deeply rooted political differences, but if we are believers, we need to focus on what we agree on and not be divided over other differences. Politics is important – very important – but not as important as sharing the gospels. Let us therefore gladly carry the cross into the world and regard the opposition as a badge of honor. “

Dr. Erwin W. Lutzer is Pastor Emeritus of Moody Church, where he served as Senior Pastor for 36 years. He is the author of numerous books, including his latest, “We Will Not Be Silenced: Responding Courageously to Our Culture’s Assault on Christianity.”

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