Caregiver Education Series Begins Thursday | Health and fitness

“Overcoming Ambiguous Loss,” the first in a series of four virtual workshops sponsored by the Nebraska Caregiver Coalition, will take place via Zoom on Thursday, February 24, from noon to 1 p.m. The workshops are designed to provide training, education, support and resources for family caregivers.

Presenter, Dr. Kelly Tamayo, will talk about common symptoms/signs after loss, limbo grief – how to deal with it effectively, assign meaning and value to the loss, and how to move forward with courage, strength and determination.

Tamayo is a clinical/health psychologist specializing in trauma, PTSD and brain injury recovery. Her clinical experience includes work at UNMC, Madonna Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Phil/PsychoNeuroPlasticity Center in Dallas, and Chicago Public Schools.

Her expertise in neurogenesis and resilience provides clients with support and guidance to overcome grief and trauma. Tamayo is about to complete a graduate degree in psychopharmacology. To register for this event, visit

The Nebraska Caregiver Coalition focuses on the needs and interests of caregivers from all walks of life. Its goal is to develop and implement a statewide caregiver outreach program for state senators, plan and implement a statewide grassroots engagement. State and identify resources and partnerships to expand and coordinate the activities of the Nebraska Caregiver Coalition.

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