‘Chicago Fire’ Bosses Tease Season 11 (2022) Premiere

chicago fire finished his 10e season with a cliffhanger in which Stella Kidd (Miranda Rae Mayo) and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) the honeymoon is about to be interrupted by the menacing occupants of a mysterious van approaching the cabin where they are on their honeymoon. The story picks up there in the first episode of season 11, while Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) questions the status of his long-term relationship with Matt Casey (jesse spencer) after Severide and Kidd’s wedding.

Also, in the first returning episode, Violet (Hanako Verger) must come to terms with his relationship with Chief Hawkins (jimmy nicolas) and Chief Boden (Eamonn Walker) forces Kidd to accept a former classmate from the academy – with whom she didn’t have the best relationship – as a new member of Truck 81.

And Parade.com has all the scoop on the premiere in an exclusive interview with the showrunners Derek Haas and Andrea Newman. Check it out:

Do you have a theme or goal for the season as a whole? When you came back after Severide and Stella’s wedding, did you say, “OK, this is what we need to accomplish next?”

Andrea Newman: We always like to reflect what’s going on in the world. It’s been a tough time, so we wanted to do what the show does best, which is to get people out of it a bit, but also address the darker themes.

In the [writers] bedroom, our theme was that you can’t save everyone and so when times get tough who do you turn to? For us, it’s another family at the fire station and how to get people out of dark times, so that’s where we’re at theme-wise.

When I was watching the finale and Brett said to Casey at the wedding, “How long can we go on like this?” This doesn’t bode well for their relationship. Are they heading towards the end?

Derek Haas: I think you need to watch. This episode will answer that question very quickly this season. We’ve said it from the get-go, and it’s a recurring theme on this show, that long-distance relationships are very difficult, especially for people who love as intensely as Brett and Casey.

One of the reasons Brett said she couldn’t move to be with Casey is because of her paramedic program. Does she really choose her job over her man?

Andrea: What we’ve always said about Brett is that she really cares about the paramedic program. She made it take off. In the character’s past, we’ve shown that she’s moved twice for the men in her life. She first moved at first for an ex and when she was with the chaplain she moved to Indiana. I think she established herself as a character. She’s a stronger character and now she feels like she won’t budge. No matter how much she loves Casey, she won’t budge for anyone else. She has her life, and she wants to make sure that she leads it.

But then you bring back the ex-fiancé, Kyle. So, looks like she might be back with Kyle?

Andrea: Yes, maybe, who knows?

Derick: We never know. When people arrive unannounced, it sometimes tends to disrupt things, like when Dawson (Monica Raymond) returned for her charity event with Casey. There is always an intensity of feelings that comes out.

Miranda Rae Mayo, Taylor Kinney

The final scene of last season’s finale, we see that Severide and Stella are in danger because Severide always insists on always doing the right thing. But he’s not alone anymore, he’s a married man now. How much will Severide have to change now that he’s married? Can he continue to be the knight in shining armor when he must consider Stella’s safety?

Andrea: I think that’s a great question and it’s something he’s definitely going to struggle with. It’s something we’ll see him fight.

Derick: [Jokes] But, Paulette, that truck at the end of the finale, which was just bringing back the wedding cake. They didn’t have a good refrigeration unit on the boat so it’s just a delivery.

Hanako Greensmith, Jimmy Nicholas

Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) made a big career sacrifice for Violet. Before Emma (Caitlin Carver) died, he confessed everything. Does Violet know? Or does she avoid him to protect her job? It’s a bit like Romeo and Juliet, even if they don’t kill each other, it’s abnegation for each other.

Andrea: Exactly. I think the main thing is that Violet doesn’t know it yet and she felt a little left out by him because she doesn’t know anything about the effort he’s made. It’s going to change their dynamic when she realizes that. They have a lot to do on each side between them. But the heat is there and they are very passionate about each other, that’s for sure.

Her feelings for Hawkins mean that she no longer has feelings for Gallo, as it looks like Gallo still has feelings for Violet. Will it work on them?

Andrea: I would agree with that. I think Gallo struggles with that and struggles with really caring about her both as a friend and having those stronger feelings too. For Violet, it’s really been Hawkins for a while and now she’s struggling with the cost of their personal and professional lives they’ve had to pay, and how to navigate it.

We always say that the types of relationships she has are two archetypes. Her relationship with Gallo is where she can be more awkward and they’re like best friends. They have that underlying the other things. With Hawkins, it’s a more adult, intense and passionate relationship. They are two different archetypes and she is lucky to have them both there.

Are there any returning guest stars or new cast members for this season?

Derick: Yeah, there’s a spot opening up on Truck 81 and we, for reasons you’ll see in the first episode, introduce you to a new firefighter who brings a lot of energy and intensity.

Andrea: And mystery.

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Derick: And mystery in Stella Kidd’s Truck 81, which she thought she had the perfect combination of people on. And then for reasons beyond her control, she inherits a new firefighter she knows.

Andrea: The past.

Derick: It sounds intriguing.

Stella is a lieutenant now. Will she have time to continue her Girls on Fire program?

Andrea: She will certainly continue, but she will have to delegate a little too. It’s fun, we have Kylie (Katelynn Shennett) who now works at the fire station, but was also part of Girls on Fire. Stella will rely heavily on Kylie to help her with Girls on Fire. It will be an essential part of his story this year.

Derick: We have a great little Girls on Fire, I don’t know if screaming is the right word, but a storyline in an episode that’s going to be really good.

Andrea: Yeah, emotional for Kidd. His Girls on Fire daughters are aging and getting to the point where they can make decisions about whether they will continue in the fire department. So it’s a fun time for her.

We didn’t really see Donna (Melissa Ponzio), Chef Boden’s wife, last season. Did she have another series or will we see her again?

Andrea: Yes, we love it. She’s on another show, so we’re going to see some of Boden’s family, we’re going to see him with his son and reference Donna and we’re going to hopefully get her on the show soon too, because we all love him and it’s really nice to have Boden with his son, Terrance, and with Donna.

On the right, it shows a softer side of Boden.

Andrea: Exactly exactly. And that’s a big part of a first episode, it’s Boden and his feelings about family and his son.

I also think he’s mellowed a bit as a leader.

Andrea: It’s funny because it’s going in the opposite direction this season because he’s juggling so many things now as assistant district manager that he has a lot on his plate and he’s kind of excited.

Derick: One thing I will say that you may have overlooked, since this dates back to Season 1, is that Chief Boden takes Halloween very seriously.

Andrea: I was going to say that too. Honestly, we talk about what a wonderful actor he is, we love him, and he’s so intense. He plays the intense stuff so well, but he’s also a lot of fun when you put him in unique situations. His love of Halloween will put him in exactly that situation in our Halloween episode this year.

Speaking of family, will we see more Joe Cruz with Javi and his wife?

Andrea: Damn, yes.

Derick: Oh yeah, that’s a big part of Season 11. You’re going to love it. It’s a big story. There’s going to be this roller coaster ride of what it’s like to grow a family in such a short time.

Andrea: And, also, it shows how delicate the reception situation is for unaccompanied minors in the system. It’s a bumpy road, it’s not easy, so they’re going to have a little trouble with that too.

I thought they found out his aunt couldn’t take him so she could adopt him?

Andrea: No, it’s still very up in the air.

Derick: But it sounds like something they should try.

One last question. What’s happening at Molly’s this season?

Derick: There’s always something going on with Molly’s. There will always be. Do you remember the original owner of Molly’s saying he was dying last season while he was on the show? What is the name of this character again?

Andrea: Stephanide.

Derick: Stephanides said he wanted to take care of the bar one last time because he was dying, and there was some question as to whether or not that was true. It will be answered.

chicago fire returns for his 11e season Wednesday, Sept. 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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