Dang, one of Universal Studios’ most popular attractions is closing (for a lengthy renovation) this week

As the world rediscovered her love affair with Brendan Fraser, the cinematic joy that is 1999 The Mummy also found its way into people’s minds. Unfortunately, this rekindled obsession couldn’t come at a worse time, as Universal Studios Orlando is about to close one of its most popular attractions, The Mummy’s Revenge, for a long renovation. And if the previously reported rumors are true, Mr. Fraser may no longer be a part of this magical experience.

The renovation that has been talked about for a long time was reported by Click Orlando as one of two major theme park attractions that are about to go under the metaphorical knife. Included in this report is the news that Disney’s Animal Kingdom has already closed Expedition: Everest for a renovation project that will last until a reopening scheduled for mid-April. However, Universal Studios Orlando’s Fraser-Enhanced Roller Coaster is in a much longer window of downtime, as ‘late summer’ is all the information we have about this ride’s reopening in strong feelings.

No further details were given on what is happening with revenge of the mummy renovations, but that hasn’t stopped people talking. Word on the street is that Universal Orlando is about to drop a bunch of themed stuff, including pre-recorded excerpts with Brendan Fraser, in the name of a coherent re-thematization of the queuing experience. These presumed changes seem more valid when looking at the time frame that is given for this particular project; though one hopes that somehow Mr. Fraser’s presence will either be preserved, or otherwise honored, with this fresh coat of paint.

That’s not the only dust kicked up at Universal’s Florida theme park, as a few other projects are set to reshape the face of this east coast destination. Construction continues to move forward on Universal’s Epic Universe, the third theme park rumored to hold experiences based on the fantastic beasts franchiseas well as one of American adaptations of Super Nintendo World. While it’s not such a serious project, it’s potentially massive enough to change the whole atmosphere of the ride.

It could be worse as far as The Mummy’s Revengelike the fact that the franchise hasn’t released a movie since 2008 The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor could have seen it doomed for demolition (we’re not counting Dark Universe’s failure on The Mummy from 2017). Fortunately, the roller coaster’s popularity saved him from the same fate as his siblings. Fear Factor Live and Shrek 4D; who are both scheduled for some form of demolition in the near future. One has to wonder if Brendan Fraser, and the loving feelings he elicits from fans of The Mummy movies, could be part of the enchantment that has kept racing’s profile so high for so long.

The Mummy’s Revenge is closed from today for its renovation of several months. If you want to pay homage to the attraction in its previous form, you’ll want to see the video we’re including below. Here’s a POV experience of the ride, Fraser footage and all:

If that’s not enough, you can live again The Mummy and The return of the mummyas they are available to stream on HBO Max, as of this writing. While there is no Mom 4 or even a Dark Universe follow-up in sight, there are still potential danger adventures and the supernatural headed to theaters. Venture to the Release calendar 2022 and pave the way for excitement!

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