Elmoz Fire will play Dance Favorites – Ellwood City, PA news

A little Whitney a little Bruno Mars mixed with Play that Funky Music and Brick House. It’s a recipe for Funk, R&B and Dance music. This is Elmoz’s fire.

The Pittsburgh-based band will play the Ellwood City Arts, Crafts, Food, and Entertainment Festival on Sunday July 3 from 8:15 a.m. to 9:45 a.m.

The band’s guitarist Dennis Trivilino lives in Ellwood, and he said the band were looking forward to playing the festival

“We are going to play for all ages,” Trivilino said. “Dance music affects everyone whether they are 16 or 60. Everyone will be dancing at Brick House.”

He said that Elmoz Fire evolved over the years and actually started out as a doo wop group called the Elmonics, and when they moved into dance music, Elmoz Fire seemed more appropriate.

According to Trivilino, the group started as it is about 7 years ago. In 2020, three band members passed away and that’s when they added lead singers Josie Crooks and Ray DeLisio.

Trivilino said the two musicians were extremely talented and brought a lot to the band. He said Crooks caught the attention of the band Chicago, and when they played in the area, they would ask him to sing with them.

“She’s probably the best singer in Pittsburgh,” he said.

Crooks and DeLisio are backed by a powerful rhythm section combination from Sammy Argiro on drums with keyboardist Gary Honnifer adding the dynamic basslines. As the grooves are laid, Honnifer takes the sounds to another level on the keyboard and let’s not forget Trivilino on the guitar.

Trivilino said the band lives to play.

“Some of the band members are over 70,” he said. “We still play like we’re 21. Most of us will do it until we can’t anymore.”

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