Evolve Academy Selected by Amazon as Education Partner for Career Choice Program

Evolve Academy is recognized as the highest rated cybersecurity bootcamp in the world. Through practical and immersive training, students acquire skills that apply directly in a work environment. Through its training, the Evolve Academy program helps students and companies improve or renew their skills.

Amazon’s Career Choice program is an educational benefit that equips employees with new skills for career success at Amazon or elsewhere. In the United States, the company invests $1.2 billion improve the skills of more than 300,000 employees by 2025 to help them access better paying and in-demand jobs.

Amazon’s Career Choice program has a rigorous selection process for third-party educator partners, choosing partners who are focused on helping employees through their education programs, helping them find jobs, and offering comprehensive training that leads to professional success.

“We look forward to Evolve Academy joining as a Career Choice Education Partner, adding to the hundreds of top-notch offerings available to our employees,” said Tammy Thiemann, global program manager for Amazon’s Career Choice program. “We are committed to empowering our employees by giving them access to the education and training they need to develop their careers, whether at home or elsewhere.”

For more information on Amazon’s Career Choice program, visit: https://www.aboutamazon.com/news/workplace/career-choice

Evolve Security is a cybersecurity technical services company dedicated to improving the security posture of our customers. We offer individual and corporate cybersecurity training through Evolve Academy, boosting careers and helping fill the cybersecurity talent gap. Evolve Academy, home to the world’s #1 ranked cybersecurity bootcamp, offers holistic and advanced training. Working in Evolve’s proprietary CyberLAB™, students receive hands-on, immersive training through simulations and real-world learning. Students gain the practical skills to excel in their current or future work in cybersecurity. Visit evolvesecurity.com/academy

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