Harry Styles hit with a bottle in the groin at a concert in Chicago

british singer Harry Styles recently, during his concert in Chicago, he took a bottle in the groin but got rid of it like a champ.

According to Fox News, Harry was hit by a bottle in a very sensitive area while performing at the United Center, where he was talking to his fans, as the singer does regularly throughout his concert, and talking about the weather in the Windy City. Tweets of the incident have gone viral, as it has unfortunately become more common for artists to be targeted on stage during their shows – whether out of adoration or terror.

Harry immediately showed signs of discomfort, grimacing before saying into the microphone, “It’s unfortunate.” He stayed on stage before moving his legs and telling the crowd, “Okay, shake it up.” The idol jumped up and down, seemingly trying to shake off all the pain.

In August, fans of Harry Styles’ “Love On Tour” stop in New York turned the former singer into a chicken nugget target, throwing food at him on stage. He once postponed one of his shows in Chicago after his team fell ill.

Harry now has almost a week off before starting his two-week tour in Inglewood, California before heading to South America and Europe. He recently starred in his girlfriend and actress-filmmaker Olivia Wilde’s second film, “Don’t Worry Darling.”

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