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By DAVID BAUDER, AP Media Editor

NEW YORK (AP) – Judge Steve Harvey? At least for its first week, having the comic act as a reality TV referee seems like an inspired idea.

The show’s premiere was the most-watched non-football show on ABC last week, reaching an audience of 5.2 million people almost two million more than a season opener of the much better known “The Bachelor, “the Nielsen Company said.

Right before the debut, Kyndall Cunningham of The Daily Beast predicted that “Judge Steve Harvey” would leave viewers laughing and in awe of the host’s trademark abilities.

“Despite the project’s innate absurdity – primarily in that Harvey is not a judge and has no legal background – entering the network forensic broadcaster ecosystem is undeniably a shrewd move,” Cunningham wrote.

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He adjudicates disputes, much like any television judge, but his show lacks the serious demeanor of other shows that attempt to replicate an actual courtroom, she said.

Despite the good vibes, Harvey couldn’t help much on the popular sitcom, “Abbott Elementary,” which premiered in the next timeslot last week to an audience of 3.45 million, Nielsen said.

CBS was the most popular network in prime time last week, averaging 5.5 million viewers. NBC had 5.2 million, ABC 4.8 million, Fox 3.3 million, Univision 1.7 million, Ion Television 1.04 million, and Telemundo 950,000.

ESPN was the top-rated cable network, averaging 3.37 million prime-time viewers. Fox News Channel had 2.25 million viewers, MSNBC 1.24 million, Hallmark 1.2 million, and HGTV 1.17 million.

Nielsen did not immediately make ratings for the evening news available.

For the week of January 3-9, the 20 most popular prime-time shows, their networks and audiences:

1. NFL Football: LA Chargers in Las Vegas, NBC, $ 17.69 million.

2. NFL Football: Dallas to Philadelphia, ABC, 13.7 million.

3. “NFL Pregame,” NBC, $ 13.08 million.

4. “L’OT”, Fox, 12.11 million.

5. “NFL Pregame,” ABC, $ 11.93 million.

6. NFL Football: Cleveland to Pittsburgh, ESPN, 11.78 million.

7. “60 minutes”, CBS, 9.9 million.

8. “Football Night in America, Part 3”, NBC, 9.59 million.

9. “FBI,” CBS, 8.52 million.

10. “Young Sheldon,” CBS, 7.39 million.

11. “The Equalizer,” CBS, 7.18 million.

12. “Chicago Fire,” NBC, 7.15 million.

13. “NCIS”, CBS, $ 6.939 million.

14. “Chicago Med,” NBC, $ 6.937 million.

15. “NFL Pregame” (Monday), ESPN, 6.68 million.

16. NFL Football: Dallas at Philadelphia, ESPN, 6.51 million.

17. “Ghosts,” CBS, 6.48 million.

18. “Blue Bloods”, CBS, 6.07 million.

19. “Chicago PD”, NBC, 6.063 million.

20. “FBI: International,” CBS, 6.062 million.

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