Hilarious reviews by Americans of Hertfordshire’s most famous attractions, like Warner Bros. Studios and the Paradise animal park


We believe that Hertfordshire has a lot of strengths, but we are not particularly well known in the world.

Many wonderful tourist attractions have yet to be discovered by foreigners, so here at HertsLive, we were eager to see what those who have ventured into our country really think.

We are proud to live in Hertfordshire, but is it disappointing for tourists who come from big American cities like Los Angeles and Chicago?

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The most popular tourist attraction among Americans is, unsurprisingly, the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Leavesden, near Watford.

Yelp users (and Harry Potter fans) have left hundreds of reviews of this famous spot, but we’re not sure most Americans actually realized they were in Hertfordshire. It doesn’t help that the tour claims to be based in London!

But generally tourists across the pond love everything Hertfordshire has to offer, from its history to its world-famous sports facilities.

We’ve put together a selection of reviews left by Americans on Herts’ top five sights.

Warner Bros. Studios Tour (Universal Orlando is better, apparently, but we’re still highly rated)

Warner Bros. Studios Tour in Leavesden

Review of pleasure

“From the moment I got off the bus my heart was pounding with excitement. I’m a 37 year old man who loves Harry Potter, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Great sets, costumes, interactive exhibits and more – you can easily spend a whole day there Be sure to bring an extra phone charger and plenty of space on your phone because THERE IS SO MUCH TO TAKE PICTURES!

“They say the average person spends about 2 to 2.5 hours indoors… we were there for more than five hours… only because it was closing and we had to leave. There is a cafe halfway through. path that serves poor food, but a great excuse to enjoy a butter ale and you MUST try the sweet butter ale serve – I’d say this was one of my favorites from anywhere. “

Review of Northampton, United States

“It’s one of my favorite places in the world. So I’ll give you the downsides first.

  • Crowds. Hordes of people. Small children sneaking past everyone, screaming and running.
  • Quite cold. Keep your jacket with you during the colder months.
  • IT IS SO EXPENSIVE. What is this mess. My money goes to books, why are you forcing me to throw away $ 60 to go see these exhibits?!?! Alright, alright, you win. FINE.

“This is where everything feels like home. Any Harry Potter fan would appreciate this. TBH, I enjoyed HP World better at Universal Orlando but it was still wonderful.”

They think Paradise Wildlife Park is “adorable”

Paradise Wildlife Park closes in January
Paradise Wildlife Park in Broxbourne

Review of Marlboro, United States

“Lovely zoo about an hour and a half from central London. If you have the time and a car, I would definitely recommend this zoo over the ZSL zoo.

“Each exhibit has multiple points of view here. There were plenty of opportunities to easily see all of the animals here. The enclosures were extremely well maintained and I think all had indoor and outdoor space for the animals.

“There are also several play areas for the kids here. My kids also enjoyed the animatronic dinosaurs here (very cute).

“The food here was reasonably priced but we ate outside the park. Parking was free. They offer a lot of different animal interactions here. The prices for all were quite high but for a special treat I am sure they are well worth it. You can also buy carrots to feed the animals at the petting zoo. “

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They are fascinated by the whole history of Hatfield House

Hatfield House

Reviews from Chicago, United States

Hatfield House is a lovely day out from London. It is about 25 minutes by train north of London. Hatfield House is the family home of the Marquess of Salisbury and was built by Robert Cecil (Chief Minister of James I , and his son William Cecil) from 1607-1611.

“The house is beautiful and full of beautiful furnishings and artwork. On site is also Old Hatfield Palace, where Elizabeth I spent much of her childhood. Elizabeth was on the grounds in Hatfield when she was brought home. learned that she was now queen, following the death of her sister Marie.

Hatfield has somewhat limited hours of operation and is closed (except for grounds and for special events) during the winter. Check the website (good info) for details. I recommend going on weekend: during the week you must take a tour guide from the house.

“The guide was knowledgeable and entertaining, but we had to keep ahead of the group behind us so we didn’t have time to savor all of Hatfield’s wonders. Definitely will be back.”

They are in awe of the Lee Valley White Water Center used by the Olympians

Lee Valley Whitewater Center

Ben’s reviewnington, United States

“We arrived in London a day earlier before going on a tour and my sons wanted to do something active. My wife found this facility where the kayaking competition was held for the London Olympics. We were there. Pre-booked what I think is necessary You have to be over 14 to go white water rafting It was a great experience.

“You do a loop and we were on the water for about an hour. We did the tour six or seven times. Tom was our guide and you could tell he was very experienced. The facility serves lunch and beers after your adventure.It is about an hour outside of town and would recommend anyone to take a break from the sightseeing.They also have kayaks and tubing.

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They love the energy of St Albans market

St Albans Market

Notice of Los Angeles, United States

“We recently visited this market and absolutely loved the energy there. There are the traditional tents filled with fresh fruits and vegetables; but there are also tents with nice clothes, luggage, handmade items etc. I travel the world with just a small backpack so I don’t do a lot of shopping these days but the foods I bought were fresh and delicious.

“Loved that everything was put in paper bags, not plastic. I read that the market has been around since the 9th century, which I loved knowing. A short walk down the hill brings you to nice areas with paved roads and the huge cathedral. It’s a beautiful area overall. “

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