How to Help Beat the Heat at These St. Louis Attractions

Trying to beat the heat at Busch Stadium? Or during a show at Muny? Here’s what you can and can’t bring with you.

ST. LOUIS – The record heat isn’t stopping residents of St. Louis from enjoying all the different attractions the area has to offer. Whether it’s catching a game at Busch Stadium, catching a show at Muny, or wandering wildly at the St. Louis Zoo, it’s summer at Lou.

But, we can’t ignore the dangerous heat this week. St. Louis set records on Monday and Tuesday, and a new high could also be reached on Wednesday.

So if you’re heading to a St. Louis outdoor attraction and wondering what you can bring to help beat the heat, here’s what we found.

If you’re heading into rooting, rooting, rooting for the home team this summer, don’t forget to encourage hydration too! But what are you allowed to bring to Busch Stadium to quench your thirst while watching the Redbirds? Here’s what we found.

Can I bring water to Busch Stadium?

According to the Busch Stadium information guide, yes. Non-alcoholic beverages (like water and sodas) are allowed, but they must be in factory-sealed clear plastic containers and cannot exceed 2 liters.

Keep Busch Stadium’s baggage policy in mind when bringing food and beverages. No hard-sided coolers are permitted, but soft-sided coolers no larger than 10″ x 8″ x 10″ are acceptable.

Here is what you can not bring inside:

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Aluminum containers
  • Glass bottles/objects
  • Metal cans
  • Thermos

For more information on Busch Stadium policies, Click here.

Walking around the Saint Louis Zoo on a summer day in Saint Louis can get quite hot! And you can only hide for so long in the cool coast of penguins and puffins. So what can you take with you on a trip to the zoo?

Can I bring food and drink to the Saint Louis Zoo?

Here’s what the zoo said online about outdoor food and drink:

“Coolers and picnic baskets are permitted on zoo grounds. (Glass bottles are prohibited.) There are picnic areas located in central areas of the zoo.”

For more frequently asked questions about the Saint Louis Zoo, Click here.

Summer in St. Louis means the Muny scene comes alive. The theater kicked off its 104th season Monday with “Chicago: The Musical” on a record-breaking 100-degree day. But, the Forest Park favorite is doing several things to keep fans and performers safe.

If you’ve been to a show in the past few years, you’ll notice big fans go there all night long. The cast also has water, fans, and air conditioning backstage, and they rehearsed in the heat, so they’re ready.

Can I bring my own water?

Yes. Outside food and drinks are allowed at the Muny. You can also pack a soft-sided cooler, but it should fit under your seat.

Hard coolers, outside alcohol, aluminum cans and lawn chairs are only allowed in the picnic area before the show. These cannot enter the theater, according to The Muny’s website.

For more information on what you can and cannot bring to The Muny, Click here.

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