Jussie Smollett Releases New Song After Weeks After Jail Release – Hollywood Entertainment News

Jussie Smollett released a new single three weeks after his release from prison and the track addresses everything he went through in court.

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A snippet of Smollett’s new track, “Thank You God,” was posted to his Instagram on Friday. In the post, Smollett says the track was created to allow him to channel his thoughts on the trial and the prison sentence. Additionally, 100% of the proceeds from the song will be donated to non-profit organizations Rainbow Push Coalition, Illinois Innocence Project, and Secure The Bag Safely.

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According to TMZ, Smollett maintains his innocence based on the song’s lyrics, singing, “Some people chasing that weight / Just remember this…it’s not that situation / You think I’m dumb enough to kill my reputation? »

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“It’s like they’re determined not to solve the crime / Eliminate the elements of race, trans and homophobia that directly take lives / But turn around and act like I’m the one who did killed progress.”

The song is said to be dedicated to those who “kept it real, who kept it real”. As previously reported, Jussie Smollett was released from prison on March 16 as he attempted to have his prison sentence overturned for the hoax hate crime. A Chicago judge sentenced him to five months in prison after being found guilty on 5 of 6 counts for the scheme.

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