Lake Etta County Park Could Become Lake County Convention and Entertainment Center | Northwest Indiana Commercial Securities

State Sen. Eddie Melton, D-Gary, continues to draft legislation to develop a Lake County Convention or Entertainment Center in or around Lake Etta County Park in Gary.

Senate Bill 373 was scheduled for consideration by the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday. However, it was dropped from the committee’s agenda after Melton decided the plan needed fine-tuning.

The two-term lawmaker said he hopes his revised proposal will be heard by the Senate panel sometime before Thursday’s deadline for Senate legislation to come out of committee.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb delivers his 2022 State of the State address to a joint session of the Indiana General Assembly

As originally conceived, the measure creates a framework to center a highly desirable Lake County convention center, or venue for “entertainment-related events serving national or regional markets,” immediately at southeast of Hard Rock Casino Northern Indiana or roughly adjacent to Interstate 80./94 at Burr Street.

Lake Etta County Park would be the hub of the “Lake County Convention and Entertainment District” which would be established by the Lake County Council and operated by the Northwest Indiana Regional Development Authority (RDA), in accordance with legislation.

Under this plan, the GDR could borrow money to develop convention or entertainment facilities in the district. The money to pay off the debt would come from a variety of sources, including:

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