Lauren Lapkus to star in comedy Another Happy Day | Entertainment

Lauren Lapkus will executive produce and star in the postpartum comedy “Another Happy Day.”

The new film will be directed by Nora Fiffer in her feature debut and is currently in production in Chicago. The plot is loosely based on her experiences becoming a mother.

Lauren will play Joanna, a “total nut” who is so uncomfortable with motherhood that she candidly remarks, “I’m not really a mom, I just have a baby, you know?”

The new mother is also an artist who doesn’t do any art and feels really bad about taking care of her newborn baby.

Joanna struggles to find her old job, her friends have left without her while her husband thinks he is a better mother than her. In her desperate search for a friend, she stumbles upon an unlikely connection with a step-aunt she barely knew.

Lapkus, 36, said: “Nora’s storyline is so touching and funny, and doing this movie as a new mum is really meaningful.

“The first few weeks of parenthood can be so isolating, and it can be shocking no matter how prepared you think you are. I think Nora has captured that feeling in a unique way and I’m so excited to share this story. .”

Fiffer added: “I often thought my transition into motherhood would have been much easier if I had had a clearer picture of new parenthood.

“The goal here is to capture that raw, tense, absurd time that is so rarely depicted in cinema.”

Inherent Films’ Jessie Holder Tourtellotte will appear alongside Lapkus in the film and produced. Lauren was joined as executive producer of Eugene Sun Park’s film.

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