Live “digital tour” enters the attractions business

Live streaming platform Heygo has ventured into cultural tourist attractions business

The company has partnered with a number of museums in the UK and the US.

Heygo uses live streaming to offer guided tours around the world

The first live Heygo Museum tours are scheduled to start in November 2022

Live-streaming platform Heygo has ventured into the cultural tourist attraction business by partnering with a number of museums in the UK and US.

Launched during the COVID-19 pandemic, Heygo uses live streaming to offer guided tours around the world, with a mission to “create unforgettable experiences” for anyone looking to discover something new – but who might not be able to do it in person.

The tours feature famous places and monuments around the world and are free.

The service is supported solely by voluntary tips.

Heygo is now expanding beyond travel destinations and into the attractions sector, having signed a partnership agreement with University College London Museums, which operates the Grant Museum of Zoology, the Petrie Museum and UCL Art Museum.

In North America, Heygo has partnered with the International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago – the only museum in the United States dedicated to surgery,

The first live guided tours of the Heygo Museum are scheduled to begin in November 2022.

Heygo CEO and Co-Founder John Tertan said, “Heygo was launched to help everyone live and enjoy the benefits of travel. It is remarkable how the platform has helped make travel much more accessible by breaking down the
barrier of distance and money.

“Thousands of people who would never have been able to visit incredible museums or breathtaking views can now have the experience and make new friends along the way.”

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