Locals and tourists are completely at odds over these 10 US attractions

When visiting a new destination, most travelers will make choices between visiting the most iconic sites where their feet can carry them, or choosing a route more off the beaten track – usually with the help and advice of locals and locals. connoisseurs. It is in this spirit that the Hawaiian resource site Hawaii Islands conducted a research study: Which top US attractions divide locals and tourists the most?

By comparing TripAdvisor ratings between these two demographics, HawaiiIslands has developed a method to calculate differing opinions on each state’s most popular attractions in the country, and we’re about to review the top 10 most popular attractions. controversial in the United States!

For more information on the methodology, visit the research study here.

ten Grand Canyon Gateway, Arizona

The Grand Canyon Skywalk is a suspended glass bridge overlooking the Grand Canyon, where visitors can enjoy the most amazing views of this natural wonder. Despite the beauty of the view, there is some disparity between the opinions of locals and tourists about it: tourists have an average rating of 3.56 compared to 3.27 for locals – who might be less impressed by the long queues and the price of photos!

9 Congress Avenue Bridge / Austin Bats, Texas

This next attraction is known for both being a major bridge in Austin, Texas – and also for being home to the largest urban bat colony in the world. The beautiful arched steel structure crossing Lady Bird Lake and Congress Avenue’s status as a bat sanctuary attract tourists and onlookers daily. However, locals might be a little less shy about their neighbors, as the Congress Avenue Bridge’s local ratings average 4.23, a difference of 0.29 from tourists’ 4.52. .

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8 Preservation Hall, Louisiana

Established in New Orleans in 1961, Preservation Hall is the home base of Louisiana Jazz. A jazz centre, concert hall and non-profit organisation, there are shows around 350 nights a year – and it’s locally approved! Tourist odds for Preservation Hall are 4.64, while local odds average 4.94, with a difference of 0.30 points. Considering the data and opinion of the citizens of this jazz city, it’s safe to say that the Preservation Hall is the place to go to listen to traditional New Orleans jazz.

seven Conway Scenic Railroad, New Hampshire

Who doesn’t love a scenic train ride or, better yet, a train ride on a historic railway? Well, some New Hampshire locals seem to really enjoy their Conway Scenic Railroad, a heritage rail route that traverses New Hampshire’s historic railroad tracks in an old-fashioned scenic experience. Locals seem to enjoy this historic train experience, at 4.22, more than tourists, whose average Conway Scenic Railroad rating is 3.91.

6 Toledo Zoo, Ohio

The Toledo Zoo and Aquarium in Ohio is one of the oldest and most prolific zoos in the country, with its origins dating back to the 1920s—in fact, centuries old!. Today it focuses on animal conservation and is one of Toledo, Ohio’s most popular attractions. However, this popularity might be higher among local families for weekend pastimes than for sightseeing; Local Ohio residents rated the Toledo Zoo an average of 4.77, a difference of 0.32 from tourist ratings of 4.45.

5 Mount Moriah Cemetery, South Dakota

A hotspot for dark or weird tourism, Mount Moriah Cemetery is a cemetery in Deadwood, South Dakota with a long and twisted history that dates back to the Wild West. Well maintained and scenic, Mount Moriah is an interesting place to visit and is the final resting place of many notable figures from South Dakota’s Wild West, such as Wild Bill Hickok, Calamity Jane, Potato Creek Johnny and Seth Bullock. Wild West Deadwood’s history might be more tied to the natives of South Dakota, with the average rating for residents of Mount Moriah Cemetery being 4.60, while tourists might not be as fond of darker tourism , giving it an average rating of 4.28.

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4 Venice Beach, California

Known for being an eccentric and quirky resort town, Venice Beach, or simply Venice, California, was designed and projected to be a tribute to Italy’s Venice with its canals and piazzas – as well as its quirky, bohemian culture. In Venice Beach, visitors are likely to see street performers, fortune tellers and mimes and are welcome to join in for an impromptu drumming session or a basketball game. Perhaps this quirky culture is a bit of a stretch for some unsuspecting tourists, who rate Venice Beach at an average of 3.63; locals, probably more familiar with the vibe of Venice Beach, give it an average rating of 3.95.

3 Wrigley Field, Ill.

Wrigley Field is an iconic location for baseball fans and has earned a spot on many Chicago bucket lists. Home of the Chicago Cubs and with over a century of sporting history on its home turf. Historical tours, museums, concerts and other events draw visitors to Wrigley Field even outside of game days, which seems to be working quite well, as tourists rate Wrigley Field at an average of 4.69, or 0.34 points higher than Chicagoans’ 4.35 rating.

2 Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge, Nebraska

The Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge in Nebraska takes a spirited walk to new heights – literally. This 3,000 foot pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Missouri River connects Council Bluffs in Iowa and Omaha in Nebraska. The river views, cable network and beautiful lighting make the Bob Kerrey Bridge an interesting place to walk, with a tourist rating of 4.50 – but locals trying to walk back and forth might be considerably less impressed by the crowds, as evidenced by the local scoring average of 4.12.

1 Mount Rushmore National Memorial, South Dakota

Arguably one of the country’s most recognizable attractions, Mount Rushmore is the landmark that has most divided locals and tourists alike. The colossal sculpted faces of US presidents attract millions of visitors and appear to be as impressive as a landmark can get…but local residents of South Dakota seem to have become far less impressed. First and foremost in this divisive list is a whopping 0.43 difference between tourist and local ratings, with tourists giving it an average rating of 4.60 versus an average local rating of 4.17. These giant faces apparently age after a while!

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