‘Marry Me’ and More New Valentine’s Day Movies to Stream | Entertainment

Are you staying home for Valentine’s Day and looking for a new dose of love? Check out these movies now streaming.

Marry me

Fresh music from Jennifer Lopez adds a twist to this rom-com about megastar Kat Valdez (Lopez), who learns of her fiancé’s (Maluma) affair moments before they get married onstage in concert. She still says “yes”…to serious single dad Charlie (Owen Wilson, above, with Lopez), whom she pulls out of the public eye. Will sparks fly between the various strangers? Hints director Kat Coiro, “Charlie’s very normal life appeals to Kat.” Available now on Peacock

10 truths about love

Carina (Camilla Belle), a Chicago dating and romance columnist, is a rigid list-maker and follower of rules. But when her own relationship crumbles and she’s paired up with carefree writer Liam (David Lafontaine) to get the male perspective, she learns that life (and love) can be better if she relaxes. a little. Available now on tubi

The in-between

This romantic teardrop inspired by the 1990 classic Phantom— finds distraught young photographer Tessa (Joey King) unable to forget the love of her life, Skylar (Kyle Allen), who died in a car crash. She begins to believe that he is reaching out to her from beyond, which could be a chance for closure. Available now on Paramount+

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