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More than 40% of millennials admit to prioritizing “Instagrammability” when choosing a vacation destination, according to a British survey. This means that nearly half of people over 33 may not consider a destination unless they can talk about it on the social media platform. But many of the most popular attractions on the photo sharing app are popular on their own, not specifically as a tourist destination.

To determine the most popular U.S. attractions on Instagram, 24/7 Tempo looked at the analysis of the global baggage storage network, Stasher. Stasher’s list of attractions included 99 global tourist hotspots selected from 200 Instagram posts on each attraction’s hashtag. Engagement rates were determined by the number of likes. For the purposes of this list, 24/7 Tempo has selected only attractions located in the United States.

Instagram users love to check in at theme parks. Seven of the top 21 attractions on this list are theme parks, and five of the seven are Disney-themed.

Although theme parks steal the show in the social media app, New York City steals the show when it comes to hosting popular destinations. Six of the 21 destinations on the list are in The City That Never Sleeps, including four in the top five.

Some destinations are hard to grasp in a way that makes them ‘Instagrammable’, at least according to some people, but that doesn’t mean they’re less worthy of a visit. These may be the very last pristine places in America.

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