new ‘Game Misconduct’ book examines hockey culture | Black Voices | Chicago News

Recent allegations of sexual assault by the former Chicago Blackhawk Kyle Beach have rekindled concerns and questions about hockey culture. Beach filed a lawsuit against the Blackhawks, accusing the organization of mismanaging its sexual assault complaints. Beach says he was assaulted by coach Brad Aldrich in 2010 and when he reported it was ignored until the team won the Stanley Cup.

Sexual assault in hockey is just one topic explored in a new book called “Gambling Misconduct: The Toxic Hockey Culture And How To Fix It. “It was written by Chicago author Evan Moore, who is now the Chicago Public Schools press secretary.

“I’m someone who follows sports fairly well and especially the NBA and the NHL, and over time I’ve noticed a lot of rhetoric like the dog whistle and players and fans saying things about the NBA, which is obviously a predominantly black league. Moore said of what inspired him to write the book.

In the book, Moore writes that hockey has a culture of “toxic masculinity” and argues that players, coaches and staff put the game above all else.

“As we’ve seen with what happened with Kyle Beach and other players, there are people who are in power or who say, hey, if you don’t take what I want, then you can’t play hockey, i’m not a part of the NHL and all the hockey players, it’s their main goal is to get to the show as they say, to get to the game in the NHL and unfortunately, over time, some people accepted certain experiences because they wanted to play hockey.

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