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On abortion, follow the science

Abortion proponents don’t “follow the science,” or maybe they failed biology class and didn’t learn how babies are created. Science irrefutably says that when sperm and egg fertilize each other in a woman’s womb, a human being is created. No doubt about it, and each baby has their own individual DNA. It’s not an alien creature, it’s a human being.

Our nation’s founding documents say that all people (spoiler alert – babies are people) have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But an even more important document from ancient times says, at No. 5, “Thou shalt not kill.” All of our laws at all levels recognize that it is illegal to kill another human being.

A woman has the right to care for her body, but the life and rights of the baby she helped conceive also have the right to proper care (and to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness) .

In most cases, no one makes a woman pregnant; it is his choice. (in most cases) All sensitive adults are responsible for their choices. Pregnancy is a serious choice; two human lives are biologically linked.

Proponents of abortion want to make this life-and-death decision a mere “political” choice. Common sense says otherwise and makes it quite simple. Babies are created at conception. How can you tell it’s not a baby? It’s basic biology!

Rich Narouchoff



Our Gun Culture Makes ‘Life’ Pleas Ring Hollow

Kennywood is no longer safe.

Bus stops are no longer safe.

Funerals are no longer safe.

And yet, we continue our obsession with guns. Cardinal Blase J. Cupich, Archbishop of Chicago, reminds us that “the Second Amendment did not come from Sinai; the right to bear arms will never be more important than human life.

Until we turn our hearts away from idols made of cold steel, innocent people will continue to be injured, maimed and killed. The calls of politicians and preachers for a “culture of life” will continue to ring hollow until we condemn and confront our “culture of guns”.

Keith G. Kondrich

Swisshelm Park

The author is a deacon in the Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh.


We are promised equal opportunities, not the result

We, or at least a large percentage of our population, seem to have forgotten that the United States of America and its Constitution promise equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. Apply yourself. Work smart. Work hard. Go forward.

Steve Gvozden



Please be patient with your healthcare providers

Two years ago I wrote to reassure our communities that we are here for you. At that time, the pandemic was still in its infancy. Two years later, we have all been through unimaginable times. We have lost loved ones. Those of us who work in healthcare have done our best to guide you through some of the worst times of our lives in healthcare.

I am writing to you now to ask you to be patient with us. The pandemic and its consequences have exhausted the healthcare community. Many health care providers have left the field or acute care. Like many industries, we struggle with staff every day to provide you with immediate appointments or immediate care.

We’re doing our best, I promise you. We remain committed to being there for you on your worst days; we remain determined to do the maximum with the resources at our disposal; and finally, we remain committed to rebuilding the strong healthcare community that existed before the pandemic.

Please be patient with us. Please be kind when interacting with our nurses, EMS workers and support staff. We are always here for you. Please be understanding and support our healthcare workers in return. Stay safe and enjoy good health.

Dr. William A. Jenkins



Nutting ruined the pirates

Pirates are pathetic. Our famous franchise was ruined by Bob Nutting. It is painfully obvious that the only goal of the team is to enrich it. Any dribbling by him or his minions on community, team love, rebuilding with young talent, etc., is BS.

The Pirates are nothing more than a farm team for the rest of Major League Baseball. Anyone who follows baseball can cite countless examples of former pirates having profound effects on their current teams. The Tampa Bay Rays are consistently competitive with a salary similar to the Pirates. With “Bottom Line Bob” at the helm, we’ll never see a World Series banner at the PNC.

As it seems that he only understands money, I propose that we cut him off. Do not go. Do not look. Start with Bradenton. Then PNC. Season ticket holders must cancel. Make the park a ghost town. Mark Cuban of Pittsburgh wants the team. Anyone with influence in town should increase the pressure to get Nutting out of town.

Personally, I decide to follow my own advice. I’m finished! Our Mazeroski Hall of Fame jerseys will never see PNC again until Nutting disappears.

Bruce L. Moynihan

Martins Ferry, Ohio


The United States must pursue energy security

Being from western Pennsylvania, I am proud to witness several new businesses and investments in our area, due to the impact of the energy industry on our local economies. There is a rich history of the oil and gas industry that begins right here in neighboring Venango County. The Drake Well in Cherrytree Township, Pennsylvania’s first commercial oil well, sparked the first oil boom in the United States.

Over the past two years, the Biden administration’s energy policy decisions have hampered U.S. oil and gas production, weakening our country’s energy security and leaving our country vulnerable. Our allies abroad are suffering from the lack of American energy in the market, and we are suffering at home from this lack of energy security and production as gas prices soar and home heating costs rise. On Oct. 28, Mansfield Energy issued an Alert 4 warning indicating historically low diesel inventories that could run out by Thanksgiving.

The United States must pursue total energy security. By cutting energy production and stopping other efforts to produce oil and gas, the Biden administration is hurting ordinary American workers, small businesses and families who are forced to spend more of their budget monthly to energy costs.

Kimberly D. Geyer


The author is a Butler County Commissioner.


Regarding the editorial “Concrete decisions on EV revenue should come before charging stations” (October 18, TribLIVE): The fair way to get EVs to pay their fair share of road maintenance is to take what the average owner of an internal combustion engine pays in gas tax each year and add that amount to their cost of auto-registration of the EV.

Clem Zahrobski


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