Sports and Entertainment Spotlight: Gatorade Launches New Sports Energy Drink Called ‘Fast Twitch’, Using High-Level Placements During NFL Season | Foster GarveyPC

Welcome back to a pumpkin spice flavored edition of the “Spotlight.” With the unofficial end of summer, it’s time to put away your white clothes, dust off your flannels, and settle into the cool and cozy season that is fall. And that can only mean one thing: football is back. And the powers that be are betting on yours, mine, and hundreds of millions of other eyeballs who watch games on Saturdays and Sundays…and Mondays. And Thursdays. Oh, and sometimes on Fridays. After all, what else could explain the billions of dollars spent by major television networks securing the media rights to televise college football and National Football League games, and advertisers buying millions of dollars worth of airtime for a Superbowl projector.

  • With the help of high-profile placements during the NFL season, sports drink brand Gatorade is launching a new sugar-free, caffeinated energy drink called “Fast Twitch,” which is exactly what you will do if you drink too much.
  • NBA superstar Steph Curry is making a splash in the edition, hoping to fill racing baskets as skillfully as arena baskets.
  • The estates of two music icons – David Bowie and Elvis Presley look set to bring their legacy to the blockchain with a series of NFT projects. Or at least I think it’s Elvis.

Endorsement offers, sponsorships and investments

Can Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher and Jeff Bezos save Peloton?
September 7, 2022 via Forbes (subscription may be required)
Peloton reported a quarterly loss of $1.24 billion in its latest earnings call. They are in the midst of a massive restructuring, which will see them move away from making their own gear and apparel and focus on their content.

TikTok Sensation D’Amelio Sisters forms a company to manage their brand
September 7, 2022 via Biz Journals
Charli De’Amelio earned $17.5 million from branding and endorsements, including a deal with Dunkin’.

Bingo Blitz teams up with A-List host Drew Barrymore to reimagine the classic game and celebrate that bingo is everywhere
September 7, 2022 via WILX-TV
Bingo Blitz, the world’s most popular free bingo game, has teamed up with Golden Globe-winning actress, producer, talk show host and author Drew Barrymore.

UConn’s Azzi Fudd rewrites the college athlete’s handbook
September 7, 2022 via Bloomberg (subscription may be required)
Azzi Fudd is already a star on the basketball court. Now she’s leading a generation of college players capable of being stars off the court and making big bucks doing it.

Serena Williams forever changed the way brands view female athletes
September 7, 2022 via Bloomberg (subscription may be required)
Serena Williams’ US Open adventure is over, capping a glittering 27-year career that defined a new era in tennis and inspired sponsors to take female athletes more seriously.

Gatorade will sell a new energy drink with major NFL support
September 2, 2022 via Crain’s Chicago Business
PepsiCo’s Gatorade is getting into the fast-growing energy drink business with a new brand called Fast Twitch that’s poised to get major marketing support, including from the NFL.


Fox Inks GMC as title sponsor of NFL pre-game show, replacing Ford
September 7, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Although the Super Bowl is the nation’s most coveted media property, it’s only a fraction of Fox’s NFL business.

Fox’s Super Bowl ad sale cements Sports’ lead in TV programming
September 7, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
If you’re an advertiser with $7 million burning a hole in your pocket and want to get your brand in front of 100 million hyper-engaged viewers, the time to call Mark Evans has just passed.

Steph Curry splashes children’s book market as children’s content grows
September 6, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
Getting a six-year-old away from a screen in favor of a picture book can be a long shot. But Steph Curry is used to it.

music industry

Record label Megan Thee Stallion is fighting back over a million dollar lawsuit, claims it owes ‘over $10 million’ in royalties, touring revenue and more.
September 5, 2022 via Digital Music News
Late last month, Megan Thee Stallion officially requested $1 million from her record label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, and doubled down on her claim that “Something for Thee Hotties” constitutes an album under their deal.

Music industry avoids legal battle with new streaming royalties deal
September 1, 2022 via Yahoo Finance
Music publishers, songwriters and musicians have reached an agreement with streaming services for mechanical streaming rates in the United States for 2023-2027, the National Music Publishers’ Association (NMPA) has announced.

Spotify, Apple and other broadcasters set royalty rates with music publishers through 2027
August 31, 2022 via Hollywood Reporter
Under the agreement, which will be submitted to the Copyright Royalty Board, song owners will receive a 15.35% royalty rate over the next five years.

Cinema and television

Big Ten Conference media rights deals with CBS, FOX and NBC
September 7, 2022 via Global Legal Chronicle
The Big Ten Conference has closed its recently signed landmark media rights deals with CBS, FOX, NBC and NBCUniversal’s Peacock.

Drake and LeBron James sued for $10 million over upcoming TIFF documentary ‘Black Ice’, reports say
September 6, 2022 via The Star
Canadian musician Drake, basketball star LeBron James and rapper Future have been sued for $10 million over intellectual property litigation, according to a New York Post article.

Podcasting enters the age of big brand advertisers
September 1, 2022 via Bloomberg (subscription may be required)
A trip to the Podcast Movement conference shows the industry has secured its place in mainstream media, for better or for worse.

Non-fungible tokens (NFT)

NBA and NBPA team up with Sorare to launch fantasy NFT-based game
September 7, 2022 via Sportico (subscription may be required)
After introducing millions of fans to the blockchain through NBA Top Shot, the league and NBPA will be making their next leap into NFTs this season.

NFT Tech Announces Project Elvis Presley Updates and Launches New Technology to Revolutionize Legacy Fan Engagement
September 7, 2022 via Business Wire
The Elvis Legacy Council is the governing body that will make key decisions about the future of Elvis’ digital domain, both on the blockchain and in the physical domain.

David Bowie’s estate cancels NFT announcement after backlash
September 6, 2022 via Futurism
After announcing it would be posting an NFT line, David Bowie’s estate deleted its initial message about the project – and it’s unclear what will happen next.

How NFTs are driving the evolution of the music industry
September 2, 2022 via CoinSpeaker
From vinyl to streaming services, technological advancements have been a driving force in the development of the music industry. Undoubtedly, NFTs hold the potential to cause many upheavals in various industries.

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