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MoneyMutual is a company that offers payday loans ranging from $200 to $5,000. Once applied, consumers can access 91 lenders, giving them between $200 and $5,000 in just 24 hours in many cases.

What is MoneyMutual?

Everyone has times when they need money but don’t have access to it. Emergencies can happen and most people have to find a way to recover funds they never expected to need. Other times, medical expenses must be paid at the time of service. Then there are less urgent expenses but the wait seems like an eternity. Whatever the reason, MoneyMutual offers consumers a unique opportunity to get an advance on their next paycheck.

This site offers payday loans, and the only thing customers need to do to get started is fill out the online form on the official website. With just a few questions, consumers will have access to several offers that work in their area, allowing borrowers to get up to $5,000. Although some states no longer offer payday loans, states that do allow payday loans will be eligible for online payday loans.

MoneyMutual has already served more than two million customers, and it is one of the most reliable websites for such a loan. They’ve even been featured in TV commercials and have the backing of spokesperson Montel Williams.

How does MoneyMutual work?

On the official website, customers apply for a short-term loan, granting them the funding they need within one business day. Part of the incredible appeal is that even people with bad credit can get the support they need for a loan, giving them funds they wouldn’t otherwise have access to.

To be eligible, customers must be at least 18 years old and earning $800 per month with income they can prove. They must also have an active checking account, allowing the company to make a deposit. Then they choose from the many lenders who are interested in granting them the loan.

Users will be redirected to the lender’s website to complete the arrangement to provide the additional information required. They will then find out how long they have to wait to get their funds. The process goes like this:

  • Fill in the required information on MoneyMutual, allowing the platform to disseminate the information to potential lenders.
  • Lenders review the user’s profile to decide on the best possible loan, contacting the applicant with their offer.
  • Customers receive their money within approximately 24 hours.

How much does Money Mutual cost?

The services provided by MoneyMutual to connect customers to lenders cost nothing in the application process. Users can install this app and connect with lenders for free, but the lender they connect to will charge fees associated with the loan. Each applicant should carefully consider the amount of borrowing costs with their particular lender.

How long does it take to use MoneyMutual?

Everything is quite simple, so users should only need about five minutes to find out which lenders are best for them. Returning customers won’t even need much time as most of their information will already be filled in.

Depending on the lender, it should take around 24 hours or more to get the deposit.

How do MoneyMutual lenders work?

With over 90 lenders, customers specifically find options that meet their particular needs. The lender reviews the personal information provided, along with their financial information, to show what best suits their particular needs.

Lenders determine if the customer meets their particular criteria, which leads them to make a loan offer. With this offer, users will get a contract with specific conditions which they can then accept to get money. Customers will also need to provide their bank account number and complete the work.

All charges must be legally disclosed to consumers, and consumers are strictly prohibited from charging annual interest rates deemed “excessive.”

Is MoneyMutual a scam?

This opportunity is not a scam and there are no traps associated with it. The website does exactly what the company claims to do – connect users with lenders who offer short-term loans that work with the user. However, customers should carefully read the terms of the agreement to make sure they understand.

Requirements for obtaining a loan through the services of MoneyMutual

Fortunately for newcomers to these types of loans, there are only a few requirements for clients:

  • Must be at least 18 years old or older.
  • Must be earning at least $800 per month which can be verified.
  • Must have an active checking account.

Although there are some details that lenders require additionally – such as the customer’s social security number – MoneyMutual does not have these requirements itself.

Contact MoneyMutual

To obtain MoneyMutual, consumers can either email [email protected] or call 844-276-2063.

Last word

MoneyMutual offers a unique solution possibility of obtaining a payday loan, helping consumers who would otherwise be unable to cover these expenses. Considering that nearly half of all Americans couldn’t come up with a random $400 if they needed it, it’s clear that this platform benefits many people. Great credit isn’t a necessity, and consumers review all of the fees and terms of their agreement before signing. The process is affordable and easy, although consumers will need to check with their local laws to make sure they can get such a loan in their state.

To learn more about MoneyMutual and how it works, be sure to visit the official site by clicking here! >>>

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Online Payday Loans Canada – Insider Programming Wed, 09 Mar 2022 13:20:23 +0000 Fast Payday Loans Online Canada While we do a credit check when someone applies for a fast cash advance online for terrible credit, we don’t think about it for our choice of endorsement. redpayday is centered on obtaining the whole profile of an individual, in particular, the individual’s ability to repay, and not so much […]]]>

Fast Payday Loans Online Canada

While we do a credit check when someone applies for a fast cash advance online for terrible credit, we don’t think about it for our choice of endorsement. redpayday is centered on obtaining the whole profile of an individual, in particular, the individual’s ability to repay, and not so much their financial record.

For some people, Online Payday Loans Canada, living with an abysmal record as a consumer can be a test. Some organizations will also charge you a higher rate when you apply for an awful credit advance. With redpayday, in all cases, the rates are fixed and not contingent on time. This means that no matter which repayment option you choose, you will always pay a similar amount.

Funding costs are fully disclosed during the pre-application process and are always accessible on our site. In this sense, you generally know the costs of obtaining before taking out credit on the Internet.

Best Online Payday Loans in Canada

Canadians applying for cash credit online have an obligation to act competently and ethically. There are no secret expenses and the agreements are clearly clarified for everyone to understand. Our customer experience team is available 24/7 to respond to all inquiries, seven days a week.

Individuals say redpayday is the best payday lender on the internet because we protect our customers’ data from harm. We are a licensed loan specialist in Canada, managed by the Customer Assurance Authority in each of the regions where we work.

Instant Payday Loans Online Canada

In most cases, our software gives you a quick decision when applying for an instant online loan. For the majority of applicants, funds will be available the same day. 99% of the time we will send you the money within 2 minutes via e-Transfer after you return the loan agreement to us.

We make sure everyone in Canada has online access to safe, smart and simple solutions when they need an instant loan.

Secure Online Payday Loans in Canada

Redpayday has put resources into the latest 256-cycle encryption innovation to ensure that when you apply for payday credit online in Canada, your application and every one of your information is 100% secure. We have defined the most outstanding standards and principles aligned with the company’s implicit rule sets.

We try to redpayday to ensure that we earn and keep your trust. We keep all your own monetary data private and secure.

The advantages of an online personal loan

Here are the advantages of Online Payday Loans Canada. You can visit at and get everything in detail.

You don’t have to be social

As stated, to get an advance, you need to visit the lender and chat with a few people there. Normally, their agents will ask you for a few things. In any case, as you probably know, there really are individuals who are not so pleasant to face others. If you are one of them, you should know that assuming that you have personal credit online, all other things being equal, you will not have to deal with any representative of a credit bureau.

You don’t need to leave your home. All you want is your PC and a web association. All application structures and reports must be sent and obtained via the web. Thereafter, by availing an online payday advance, you can simply sit at your workstation and wait for a few hours until your advance returns are credited to your financial balance.

You don’t have to spend

Not at all like other cash loans, online payday advances don’t have to bother you to spend on transportation and food. That’s how getting personal credit online doesn’t expect you to run away from home. You don’t have to go to the bank and cash or store your check.

So you can simply eat and snack at home and watch television while being confident that your advance will be credited to your file. As a result, you are not expected to incur unnecessary expenses. Obviously, it’s something to be thankful for that you’re now close to your financial plan.

25% of U.S. lenders prepare online for less risky payday loans post-pandemic Tue, 08 Mar 2022 19:38:08 +0000 Payday lenders who have suffered the severe consequences of the pandemic are anxiously awaiting the end of most government programs in the United States. Those who follow the industry say high cost loans can never be fully paid off. Since 2020, the federal government has increased unemployment benefits, federal stimulus payments and evictions. In fact, […]]]>

Payday lenders who have suffered the severe consequences of the pandemic are anxiously awaiting the end of most government programs in the United States. Those who follow the industry say high cost loans can never be fully paid off.

Since 2020, the federal government has increased unemployment benefits, federal stimulus payments and evictions. In fact, the number of loans no credit check guaranteed approval dropped in some states more than 45%. The situation is not about to change in the near future.

The story gets even more complicated as Americans have used much of their savings to pay off their debts. They do this primarily to protect a solid monthly child tax credit. Additionally, regulatory scrutiny is likely to tighten under the Biden government.

Turbocharged Trends Experienced by Online Payday Loans

Online payday loans are meant to prepare for a shift in customer preferences. Since 2019, small dollar loan volumes have declined significantly. If customer demand is lower, direct lenders tend to verify customer needs.

Company for the traditional payday lenders offers 400% annual percentage rates on loans, high fees and small payment plans. It has been attractive to everyone nationwide. But the pandemic has amplified these trends.

Payday loans are available in Alabama, Michigan, North Dakota, Washington, and Wisconsin. Since 2020, this type of service is provided at 40% and 60%. As for the low points, the federal distribution is associated with stimulus payments. According to Veritec Solutions, a data provider collates data from state regulators.

And the California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation reported a 40% drop in payday loans granted in 2020 compared to 2019 levels, and a 30% drop in payday customers. There is a movement towards long-term installment products that oppose short-term payment. It’s a popular opinion voiced by top executives at big projects like the Pew Charitable Trusts Consumer Finance.

Alliance members in government posted obvious declines in their payday loan products and other short-term loans. Despite good volumes of payments and check remittances, people are visiting stores to receive some assistance.

Even online, high cost installment lenders has not necessarily seen a huge increase in business during the pandemic. Just look at the services provided by two of the biggest online lenders, Elevate Credit and Enova International. They announced an increase in profits in 2020. In the meantime, they did not confirm any growth in loans. Both companies reported a significant decline in charges. Does this mean anything unusual to you? They suffered fewer losses on their professional loans. It has to do with a wide range of factors, including current social and economic situations around the world.

How can average Americans benefit from these stories? They can access financial volumes anywhere in the world. They can borrow them and use them for personal and professional purposes. Moreover, they can use them in both short and long time frames.

More Money, Less Online Payday Loans

The government creates a direct economic environment. It demonstrates the biggest drop in in-store payday loans when stimulus checks go to people Bank accounts. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York reports that 37% of Americans are committed to using stimulus payments to cover their debts.

Are there still issues? What do you need to know? The future turns out to be quite bleak. Financial aid is not enough. Due to the pandemic, there is an increase in areas with low vaccination rates. Opponents of high costs fear that people will come back to them.

Along with pandemic relief, the federal government has increased a child tax credit of up to $300 per child. The credit is set to expire by the end of the year. President Joe Biden wants to continue for the next five years. Democrats expect to expand the program in the budget reconciliation bill.

Ballot proposal would cap ‘predatory’ interest rates for payday loans Wed, 23 Feb 2022 20:50:00 +0000 LANSING, MI — A polling committee is busy asking a question about the November ballot that would prevent payday lenders from charging “predatory” interest rates if approved by voters. The Michiganders for Fair Lending campaign officially launched its petition-raising effort Wednesday to cap high interest rates on payday loans, payday loan advocates say are creating […]]]>

LANSING, MI — A polling committee is busy asking a question about the November ballot that would prevent payday lenders from charging “predatory” interest rates if approved by voters.

The Michiganders for Fair Lending campaign officially launched its petition-raising effort Wednesday to cap high interest rates on payday loans, payday loan advocates say are creating a cycle of indebtedness that is becoming impossible to escape. . The group said it wanted to change the current payday loan landscape to one that provides access to small loans to those in need, not a debt trap.

Payday lenders are targeting Michigan’s most vulnerable communities by offering quick cash that traps people in an endless cycle of debt with outrageously high interest rates,” said Michiganders spokesman Josh Hovey. for Fair Lending.

“State lawmakers have been urged for years to end predatory lending practices. People harmed by these loans cannot afford to wait any longer. That’s why we’re putting the issue directly to voters in November. »

In Michigan, the typical payday loan carries the equivalent of a 370% annual percentage rate (APR). The Michiganders for Fair Lending proposal would cap payday loans at a maximum of 36% APR.

Payday loans are marketed as short-term, but the vast majority of borrowers are caught in a cycle of long-term debt, say fair lending advocates. About 70% of Michigan payday borrowers borrow again the same day they repay a previous loan, according to a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau study. The same study found that the average payday loan borrower ends up taking out 10 loans over the course of a year.

Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel describes a payday loan as a short-term, high-cost transaction where customers borrow money for a service fee. Michigan law calls this type of loan a “delayed presentment service transaction” because the customer’s check is held for a period of time before being cashed. Loans are not like car payments because borrowers are unable to make installment payments.

Payday loans have high service fees and a short repayment period. For example, a customer who borrows $100 for two weeks and is charged $15 will pay a service fee equal to a three-digit APR. The actual cost of the two-week loan is $15, which equates to an APR of 391%. And that still doesn’t include additional fees for “eligibility checks” or processing.

Payday loan shops often allow customers unable to repay the loan to take out a second payday loan to pay off the first. Service charges can lead the customer into a cycle of debt.

“It’s a slippery slope,” Nessel said in a process-focused consumer alert.

Fair lending advocates say payday loan shops are unquestionably predatory. Stores are deploying manipulative tactics and engaging customers in a process that creates a cycle of debt that traps people in poverty, Hovey said.

“Stopping predatory lending is an issue in Michigan that resonates across all parties, geographies, age and income levels. Even in today’s divisive climate, this is an issue the vast majority of people can agree on,” said Jessica AcMoody, director of policy at the Community Economic Development Association of Michigan.

“Lenders know they are getting their money because they have direct access to the borrower’s bank account and can get their own money back before the borrower can pay rent, utilities or food. With no funds left over for basic living expenses, guess what happens? You guessed it. The borrower returns to take out another loan,” AcMoody said.

Gabriella Barthlow, a financial coach with the Macomb County Veterans Service, said she’s seen the predatory payday loan process play out with the veterans she works with. Military veterans are particularly vulnerable to predatory lending, Barthlow said.

“As a targeted community for predatory lending, it’s critical that veterans understand the risk associated with payday loans and the importance of a 36% interest rate cap,” Barthlow said.

The 36% APR cap used by many states is similar to the National Military Loans Act, which sets consumer credit protections for active military members. Congress passed the law in 2006 after the military found payday lenders setting up stores near military bases.

Dallas Lenear of Project Green, a Grand Rapids-based financial education nonprofit, said he was motivated to help try to change the laws after hearing first-hand stories about interest rates. excessive that trapped people in financial ruin.

“Payday lenders are exploiting our most vulnerable communities and neighbors without consumer protections,” said Dallas Lenear of Project Green in Grand Rapids. “People go to payday lenders because they feel they have no other choice. They get stuck in quicksand that imprisons them for months and sometimes years.

Payday lenders also disproportionately locate their stores in communities of color. Statewide, there are 5.6 payday loan stores per 100,000 residents. That number is 25% higher in majority black communities, Lenear said.

Michigan would join 18 other states and Washington DC that have set a payday loan rate limit of 36% APR or less. Voters in Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota and Montana passed per-vote payday loan rate caps that all got more than 70% voter approval.


Read petitions before signing them, group warns

Betsy DeVos says ballot initiative would allow parents to ‘take control’ of Michigan education

Petition for a “voucher” school scholarship system approved by the state board

Payday Loans Maine offers you financial assistance without credit checks or other formalities – Fri, 11 Feb 2022 05:14:08 +0000

Maine boasts a low cost of living, affordable housing, and many working industries throughout the state. However, with an average state income of $56,000, Maine residents have lower incomes than the national average. This leaves many residents with unpaid bills waiting for payday. Don’t let a high energy bill or an extra trip to the grocery store cause you to rack up credit card debt or overdraw your account. Cash loans are allowed in the state of Maine, but are heavily regulated. The Lobster State only allows fully licensed lenders to make loans, which means very few lenders can. In fact, according to the Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection, there are only 15 approved lenders in the state. does not control the amount of such fees or charges you may incur for non-payment, late payment, or partial payment. Retirement shouldn’t stop you from getting this flexible financial option. Seniors can still get payday loans even after retirement. Payday loans can be used to quickly receive income from Social Security, dividends or any other source of income. Maine also has a maximum loan amount you can take out at one time. Illegal payday loans can be dangerous for you because a borrower can be subject to excessive fees and fines.

All Licensed Credit Unions in Maine

An unexpected expense can completely change your life, especially if you don’t have the resources to cover it. Payday loan emergency funding can help, as long as you can repay the money quickly. If you are unsure whether a lender is reputable and legal, you can contact the state attorney’s office for more information. You should not work with a company that does not have a legitimate business license. For example, they may not follow specific laws designed to protect users and may charge them higher interest rates. It is important to give personal and financial information when using these online loan services. Therefore, it is essential that you choose a lender who guarantees the safety and security of all your data. Personal loans strive for quick deposits; this is quite rare for online lending sites that offer large loan amounts.

  • However, the state eventually passed regulations to make the industry more friendly to businesses and their customers.
  • When you get a personal loan through an online payday network, you must be able to provide a bank account number to an account in your name.
  • Your loan repayment terms will depend on the type of loan you get and the lender you get it from.

In some cases, you may need to visit a physical store/branch to complete your loan application process. Please contact your lender directly if you have any questions or issues regarding your loan. MoneyMutual has received over 2 million positive reviews from across the United States. Customers are very satisfied with the reliable lenders and the quick response time of the site. Additionally, MoneyMutual has pleased several customers by offering installment loans, payday loans, and bad credit loans. Some companies do not offer their services to people who have serious money problems or who have recently gone bankrupt. If you can pay it all off at once, sometimes a payday loan can be cheaper. See Payday Loans or Installment Loans for more information on comparing these two types of loans.

Loan Providers in Saco, Maine

Moreover, the lenders do not ask for any collateral, which makes payday loans unsecured. Read the information the loan provider gives you before entering into the contract. This can include information about interest rates, monthly payments, terms and other details. Maine State Laws Allow Online Payday Loans Maine payday loans providers to offer loans even if they are out of state. However, these lenders are still required to have an official license and follow all state laws regarding the terms and conditions of payday loans. If you are not really interested in online cash loans, it is normal to doubt getting them.
Maine payday loans
So if you’ve had enough of it and it really bothers you, EasyLoans will solve that problem. Again, a payday loan will be a good idea to cover your extra payments. However, it is not easy to obtain a bank loan, or even a mortgage loan. In addition, this process is time-consuming, it can take 30 days or even a year. In this case, a personal loan is a good solution to your financial problems in a short time. However, if you already have a payday loan, you are not allowed to take out another one.

Species X

Any business that is not on the list of exempt businesses is not permitted to cash post-dated cheques. Your bad credit isn’t a problem, but you still need a steady source of income and earn at least $1,000 a month. This way we can be sure that you can handle the refund. Lending money to someone under that age is illegal in the United States. So if you are over 18, you now meet the first condition. From pristine beaches and beautiful lakes to miles of forests, Maine offers plenty of ways to enjoy the great outdoors. Vibrant cities like Augusta, Bangor and Portland offer arts, industry and culture for residents and visitors. If you’re a proud Maine resident, find out how a payday loan can help you pay your bills and avoid the stress of unexpected expenses.

As mentioned, you don’t need to have a good credit history. Any American who is over the age of majority and meets the lender’s requirements is eligible to take out a fast loan. If you are still confused about where to get the fast loan, you should go online. Online payday loans are very convenient and require minimal effort. We will transfer your money after your applications are approved.

First, you can approach your creditor with this issue if your balance is at least 78% of the original purchase price and you have already paid PMI for five years. Second, you can simply refinance your FHA loan into a conventional loan. LendersDirect Loans The direct lender is a state regulated financial institution. State finance license. Since it is hardly possible to determine the reasons that different suppliers rely on, discuss it with yours. However, the chances of being rejected are incredibly low if you follow the standard advice mentioned above. Maximum amount – The recommended limit on the amount borrowers can be offered is $2,000. For lower loan amounts, the maximum finance charge is $5 for any loan up to $75; $15 for loans between $75.01 and $249.99; and $25 for loans over $250.

Why are payday loan interest rates so high?

Payday loans are expensive

The short-term, high-risk nature of payday loans makes them expensive. If someone wants to borrow $200 for two weeks, 5% of the loan is $10. If you assume that the loan fee is an annual fee, the interest rate must be rolled over 26 times (annual rate).

To complete this process, the borrower must send their request to customer support. Nevertheless, it is essential to return the sum as soon as the request is approved. Payday loan company Checkmate offers loans ranging from $50 to $1,000, depending on where you are staying. They not only offer payday loans, but also installment loans and personal loans. Checkmate is one of the payday loan companies you should try before others. We prefer Maine enders licensed in your state as they are generally more tightly regulated and monitored. State-licensed lenders generally must apply, register, and remain compliant in each state in which they operate. As a result, state-licensed lenders tend to be larger, more permanent businesses. Maine payday loans with no credit check are often more affordable than overdraft fees. Imagine you write a bad check and your account debits a large sum of money that multiplies at a high rate.

During the quarantine, the number of long-term online direct lenders has increased Tue, 01 Feb 2022 05:11:08 +0000 Microfinance market participants are seeing an increase in the share of microloans issued for a long period – up to one year. But the maturities of these loans are also reduced and the loans are repaid earlier than expected. According to Forbes in the fourth quarter of 2021, the share of long term Hart Loan […]]]>

Microfinance market participants are seeing an increase in the share of microloans issued for a long period – up to one year. But the maturities of these loans are also reduced and the loans are repaid earlier than expected. According to Forbes in the fourth quarter of 2021, the share of long term Hart Loan loans reached 33.3%, whereas in previous quarters it did not exceed 25%. Half of prepaid loans at the end of last year were closed within the first 14 days. According to microfinance, this is because borrowers know the product better and calculate the savings in case of early closing.

According to the leading information portal for investors and business people in the United States, microcredit is one of the most widespread digital services today, with many users having appreciated its convenience and relevance in certain situations. of life.

Direct lender – fruitful cooperation

There are two basic ways to get rid of the need to borrow money regularly. It is an increase in the income of a citizen or family and a reduction in expenses. Unfortunately, in most cases, both methods are not feasible in practice: wage growth is deferred until better economic times, and most of the costs are spent on food, cheap clothing, medicine, housing , communal services, mobile communications, transport, electricity, and heating. There is nothing special to save on: all expense items are vital. The solution is an urgent loan of a small amount of money from friends, relatives or work colleagues, in extreme cases – from the bank in which your credit card is registered. But what if everyone around you is experiencing some financial difficulties themselves and the credit limit granted by the bank has run out? Online payday loans direct lenders come to the rescue. The advantages of this method of obtaining the required amount in cash or non-cash money are obvious to anyone who has ever used this service. It’s before all :

  • Ability to receive money quickly, usually within 15 minutes from the time of request.
  • Receiving money online, urgent transfer to a personal account.
  • Grant loans without restrictions. Instead of collecting certificates on the place of work and income level, you simply indicate your data in the questionnaire (passport information and tax identification number).
  • A micro-credit is granted even without a credit history check.
  • The amount you will receive as a result into your hands is not so large that it will significantly burden your family budget in the future when you have to return the money.

Why do clients take out microloans repeatedly?

HartLoan is an instant loan service in the US financial services market with extensive experience. The main objective of the company is to simplify the receipt of borrowed funds as much as possible and to make the services of MFIs accessible to a wide range of users.

Many come back to reapply payday loans online direct lenders. And this is no coincidence because, according to many financial experts, not only in the United States but all over the world, microcredit is a quick way to solve any financial problem, transparent terms of cooperation, clear compliance with obligations and loyalty to customers.

How ‘payday loans’ help wolves manage their money Fri, 28 Jan 2022 08:00:00 +0000 Wolves received £23m in loan secured against future installments from Diogo Jota’s sale to Liverpool, helping Jeff Shi manage cash flow WOLVERHAMPTON, ENGLAND – JULY 15: Wolverhampton Wanderers Technical Director Scott Sellars (L) and Wolverhampton Wanderers Executive Chairman Jeff Shi look on during a Wolverhampton Wanderers pre-season training session at Sir Jack Hayward Training Ground […]]]>

Clubs won’t use the same wording, but many regularly take out loans from banks. It is very common in modern football.

Wolves are no different. In 2019, they took out a £50m loan backed by future TV revenue with Australian financial services giant Macquarie Group.

Last month, they then received £23million from the same group on a secured loan against the last two installments owed by Liverpool for the sale of Diogo Jota.

Financial jargon aside – Wolves essentially received £23m in December and when those future installments arrive from Anfield, due in July 2022 and July 2023, that money will then be refunded to the bank – with interest.

The reason? Cash flow. Clubs tend to receive huge sums of money at the start of a season, with advances from television contracts and subscription sales, but often have little revenue throughout a season.

They have to pay salaries and various other expenses, and that’s where bank loans come in.

“Good cash flow in any business is essential for survival and sustainability,” said football finance expert Kieran Maguire.

“Companies don’t fail because of a lack of profit, they fail because they don’t manage their cash flow well.

“It’s exactly the same as us. As individuals, we may be asset rich, in the sense that we have a car or a house, but if we don’t have the money to buy groceries for that week, we will starve.

“Having someone in a football club who can do cash flow forecasting and budgeting is essential for the survival of the club.”

If you or I have taken out a payday loan, the interest may be piling up and financial difficulties are on the horizon.

But with traditional banks reluctant to lend to football clubs, these specialist lenders step in with lower interest rates.

“I don’t think there is a danger of clubs taking out these types of loans,” Maguire added.

“If you get the money now, that will solve the problem and it could give you a cash flow problem in a year or two, or perhaps Wolves would have sold two more players or secured funding from other sources.

“So I don’t see that as a problem. It’s a cash management issue and it’s cheaper than other forms of borrowing because it’s secured by money transfers. The clubs could see an advantage in this.

“There is always interest on these types of loans.

“In the documents we have seen, the lender normally charges between seven and nine and a half percent interest per annum.

“It’s not prohibitive and it’s cheaper than a credit card. It’s cheaper than some owners charge for club loans, but it’s still important if we look at the money versus Diogo Jota’s transfer.

“We’re talking tens of millions of pounds, so the interest is potentially hundreds of thousands of pounds, but that won’t stop a club from continuing.”

The financial world of football was murky enough before the Covid-19 pandemic kicked in.

There are many examples, past and present, where this goes wrong and clubs cease to exist.

But for now, football payday loans will remain and the industry as a whole should thrive.

Maguire said: “The pandemic has certainly not helped clubs.

“The Premier League is financially insulating itself from the pandemic due to the strength of TV deals, but matchday revenue is still a vital part of a club’s finances. Therefore, this hole must be filled in one way or another.

“They like to call it bill discounting, but I prefer the term ‘glorified payday loan.’

“These types of loans are quite common in other industries, and those industries survive.”

Using payday loans during the COVID-19 pandemic Mon, 24 Jan 2022 15:39:59 +0000 On a day-to-day basis, paying bills can be a real challenge for most individuals and households. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial situation has worsened, highlighting the need for most people to obtain emergency cash. Payday loans give you access to short-term funds, but usually at a higher interest rate. Most payday loans are […]]]>

On a day-to-day basis, paying bills can be a real challenge for most individuals and households. Unfortunately, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the financial situation has worsened, highlighting the need for most people to obtain emergency cash.

Payday loans give you access to short-term funds, but usually at a higher interest rate. Most payday loans are usually between $500 and $1,500 or less. In addition, your personal loan is due when you receive your monthly salary.

One could easily imagine that the pandemic will be helpful to the business of payday lenders. However, quite the opposite happened, as fewer people took out payday loans. This can be attributed to a number of factors.

First, at the height of the pandemic, most states made it easier for households to access cheaper loans. In reality, small business administration (SBA) has undertaken a Paycheck Protection Program to ensure businesses can access loans to stay afloat and keep employees working.

Also, with the federal relief and child tax credit available to many people along with other social benefits, the need for payday loans has diminished. Nevertheless, many finance experts believe that there could be an increase in demand for payday loans very soon. Although there are fewer lockdowns and restrictions, COVID-19 is still in full swing. So the pandemic lending rules may apply to most payday lenders.

Either way, here’s how to navigate getting and using a payday loan during the pandemic. In this article, you’ll also learn about the pros and cons of payday loans in these circumstances and whether it’s the best cash advance option for you.

How to get a payday loan during the pandemic

For starters, payday loans aren’t as popular as they were a few years ago. Only about 31 states allow payday loans while the rest have banned the loan structure at varying levels. So, you may need to check with your state loan policies to see if payday loans are allowed.

If so, you can visit payday loan stores near you or access a lender app from your mobile device. Applying for a payday loan can be done through an application form with the lender. Since payday loans are unsecured, you don’t have to worry about collateral when applying for a loan.

Applying for a payday loan during the pandemic, or at any time, requires that you have a current job. You will need to submit your payment stub and authorize your lender to transfer the amount electronically or you can write a post-dated check for this amount.

Common payday loan terms

Payday loans are a special form of financing because they differ from most conventional loans. Here are the common loan terms you should expect when taking out a payday loan during this pandemic.

  • A short payment period: Most people refer to payday loans as a two-week performance loan. Indeed, the time window for reimbursement is very short, generally not exceeding two weeks.
  • High interest rate: It is best to calculate the interest rate for payday loans using the annual percentage rate (APR). Most loans have an average APR of 400% or more, which makes them very expensive.
  • Single payment: Unlike most loans, you cannot repay your personal loan in installments. All payments are usually made in one installment on the next payday.

What happens if you can’t repay your payday loan?

Most of the time, borrowers are unable to complete the repayment of their payday loan. Usually, the lender tries to cash the check or make an electronic transfer. If you have an insufficient balance, your bank will charge you for an overdraft as often as it happens.

If you continue to default, lenders may call endlessly, contact relatives, or hand you over to collection agencies. To avoid this, you can contact the lender to offer extended payment plans if you think you won’t be able to meet the payment due date. Most lenders are generally open to this feature. You can also take out a debt consolidation loan or declare bankruptcy if you are truly unable to repay the loan.

In extreme cases, after a long period of default, the lender may seek a settlement requiring the borrower to pay less than agreed. Since the interest is usually exorbitant, the lenders end up losing nothing. However, this can ruin your credit score.

Alternatives to payday loans

If you decide that payday loans aren’t the ideal pandemic option for you, there are several alternatives you can try. Here are some other types of emergency loans without the drawbacks of payday loans.

  • Bad Credit Loans: These loans are ideal for times of emergency, especially if you have a low credit rating. They are secured unlike payday loans and they have lower interest rates.
  • Cash Advance Apps: Cash Advance apps are mobile software that can offer loans in anticipation of future income. Although they also charge by APR, they are cheaper and won’t put you in a debt cycle.
  • Lending Circles: Instead of getting payday loans with ridiculous repayment terms, you can pool resources from family or friends with little or no interest.
  • Pawnbroker: This type of loan requires you to provide collateral in exchange for a loan. If you pay as agreed, your property will be returned to you. This process is less expensive than payday loans.

Final Thoughts on Payday Loans

While payday loans are undeniably useful for emergency financing, they leave you with more than just debt to settle. This is why many financial experts advise borrowers to avoid loans. If you’re already in this one and the pandemic is affecting your ability to pay, you can follow one of the recommended steps in this article. Otherwise, you better look for other emergency loan options.

Are payday loans a bad idea? Mon, 24 Jan 2022 08:00:00 +0000 Payday loans are a high-cost form of unsecured credit where you borrow a relatively small amount of money until your next payday. When your boiler is racing in the middle of winter or your car breaks down and you have no savings, a payday loan may seem like the only option. Offering same day loans […]]]>

Payday loans are a high-cost form of unsecured credit where you borrow a relatively small amount of money until your next payday.

When your boiler is racing in the middle of winter or your car breaks down and you have no savings, a payday loan may seem like the only option. Offering same day loans online, these companies can seem like a tempting solution to cash flow problems.

Below, this article discusses:

Short term loans for bad credit

With few proper accessibility controls, the short-term payday loan industry was once a Wild West, lending indiscriminately to people with bad credit, low incomes, or those on social benefits.

Some borrowers ended up getting caught in damaging cycles of debt, rolling over payday loans with interest rates of 5,000% or more month-to-month until their initial small debts settled. turn into big ones.

In 2014, the financial regulator intervened. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has cracked down on payday lenders with a string of new rules this led to a 35% drop in the number of loans and the amount borrowed in the first five months following the rule change – and resulted in the closure of some payday loan companies.

Regulatory crackdowns have forced payday loan companies to lend more responsibly, with better terms for borrowers.

What this means in practice is that now:

  • Interest rates and fees are capped at a maximum of 0.8% per day
  • There is a £15 cap on late payment charges
  • Loans can only be rolled over twice. Borrowers must pay rollover fees for delaying loan repayment
  • There is a total cost cap of 100%. This means that interest, fees and charges cannot exceed the amount originally borrowed. In other words, no borrower will repay more than double what he borrowed.
  • Anyone taking out a loan for 30 days will pay no more than £24 in fees and interest for every £100 borrowed
  • Lenders can only take up to two payments from customers’ bank accounts through a continuous payment authority, where the lender uses the customer’s debit card details to take the money
  • Lenders must verify the affordability of the borrower, which means FCA-regulated companies must carry out a credit check
  • Payday loan ads should come with risk warnings and directions for free debt advice

So definitely these products are not as bad as before.

But what else should you be aware of before considering a payday loan? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

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Benefits of Payday Loans

Payday loans have some advantages, although these don’t outweigh the disadvantages, which we’ll get to in a moment.

  • You could be approved even if you have a less than normal credit history – if the lender thinks you can afford the repayments
  • They are fast. For those who need urgent loans (including urgent loans for people with bad credit history), you can get the money in your bank the same day.
  • You can roll over the loan up to twice before paying it back, although you’ll pay more interest to do so
  • They are practical. You can apply over the phone and get same day loans even on weekends

But this convenience comes at a cost.

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Disadvantages of Payday Loans

  • They are expensive. Even an interest rate capped at 0.8% can accumulate over the life of the loan. For example, if you take out a loan of £200, the daily interest payment will be £1.60. Multiply that over 30 days and the payout is £48. You’re late with your debt settlement and the daily interest keeps piling up, and you’ll also be stung by the £15 late payment charge
  • Regulated companies are required to perform a credit check. Companies offering payday loans may perform a “simplified search” — a less than comprehensive review of your credit history that’s invisible to other lenders — when you apply. Or they may do a “thorough search” – an in-depth investigation that is recorded on your credit file – when you agree to the terms of the loan. Alternatively, there are unregulated companies, which you should avoid as you will have no consumer protection if they go bankrupt.
  • They don’t look good. Having payday loans on your credit report can make you look unattractive to more traditional lenders
  • Are you looking to buy a house or mortgage? For the reason above, they can ruin your chances of getting a mortgage
  • A lender can use the money in your account through a continuous payment authority. It may make two attempts to take these refunds, but, if they bounce, you could end up with bank charges
  • You risk being trapped in a spiral of debt where you borrow to pay off your shortfall each payday

Although you can search for the best payday loans, there are more ethical and cheaper alternatives if you are looking for an urgent loan.

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Being in debt can affect your credit score if you can’t keep up with repayments

Alternatives to payday loans

Here are some alternative payday loans to consider first:


An arranged or authorized overdraft on your current account means that your bank has previously agreed to lend you a certain amount.

Annual interest rates on these overdrafts – the FCA banned banks from daily and monthly charges in April 2020 – vary between lenders by around 15% to 40%.

Under the same FCA reforms, lenders can now charge no more for unarranged overdrafts than for authorized overdrafts.

However, if you are overdrawn without prior agreement, it could affect your credit score and your bank will usually reject direct debit payments or check to see if there are not enough funds in your account.

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Cash advance

This is when you withdraw cash from an ATM using a credit card.

It’s an expensive way to borrow because you’ll usually pay a fee plus interest from the time you make the withdrawal; the average credit card interest rate is 23% per year.

Credit card cash advances are also a warning sign to lenders that you may not know how to manage your money. So having them on your file could hamper your chances of securing future loans at competitive rates.

Money transfer

You can use a money transfer credit card to transfer money from a card to your bank account. You pay an upfront fee, but there will usually be a 0% period during which you pay no interest.

You should therefore treat it as a fixed-term loan and aim to pay off the balance during this period.

Top Rated Money Transfer Credit Cards

Personal loan

A personal loan allows you to borrow a lump sum of money over a fixed period, repaying a fixed amount each month.

It can be a cheaper form of borrowing, with currently very low interest rates. But you will usually need a decent credit history to be accepted for an unsecured loan.

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Guarantor loan

If you have a poor or limited credit history, a guarantor loan allows you to borrow if you have a friend or family member with good credit who will co-sign as guarantor.

This means they agree to be responsible for repayments if you fail to repay the loan. The risk is that you end up straining your relationship with this person if they have to continue to replace you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that guarantor loans can be expensive, as they are likely to charge higher interest rates than other types of loans. The annual interest rate can usually vary from 25% to 70%, according to figures from the comparison site Gocompare.

Loans for bad credit

There are specific loans for people with bad or short credit history. But the interest rates are very high compared to other types of loan – around 49% on average.

So, if you don’t need to borrow urgently, it’s best to start by improving your creditworthiness so that you can get cheaper loans in the future.


credit unions are an ethical alternative to payday lenders.

Offering affordable loans, even if you have a bad credit history, these syndicates will generally lend without a credit check if you can show that you can afford the repayments.

They may ask you to set up a small amount of regular savings when you take out a loan with them, to reduce your need to borrow again. Usually, credit unions are tied to a local area or to a profession or an employer. You will therefore have to meet their criteria to register.

Loan budgeting

If you have been receiving certain benefits for six months or more, you may be eligible for a budget loan from the government to cover your essential household expenses.

These loans are interest free, so you only pay back what you borrow. Reimbursements are automatically deducted from your benefits over a period of up to two years.

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Are payday loans safe?

Is there a safe payday loan? While they are certainly much better than they were before 2014, they won’t do your credit profile any good because they make you look like a risk to lenders. This could prevent you from getting a cheaper loan and mortgage in the future.

Although payday loans seem quick and convenient, they are also expensive and could make a precarious financial situation worse.

With many better options, payday loans should only be used as a last resort.

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Capitol Drive Loans offers payday loans in Milwaukee, WI Wed, 19 Jan 2022 16:34:48 +0000 Milwaukee, Wisconsin- The pandemic has created an environment of uncertainty and financial need, especially for people in Wisconsin who have lost their jobs and suffered pay cuts/reductions. As things slowly return to normal, individuals/families still need basic necessities, medical bills and other urgent needs that cost money, a problem that Capitol Drive Loans is alleviating […]]]>

Milwaukee, Wisconsin- The pandemic has created an environment of uncertainty and financial need, especially for people in Wisconsin who have lost their jobs and suffered pay cuts/reductions. As things slowly return to normal, individuals/families still need basic necessities, medical bills and other urgent needs that cost money, a problem that Capitol Drive Loans is alleviating .

Since its inception, Capitol Drive Loans has helped local Milwaukee residents meet their short-term cash flow needs, allowing them to pay their emergency bills on time. The professional, friendly, helpful and knowledgeable team leverages their knowledge of the financial industry to help clients understand the process of taking out a payday loan and guide them through the process.

The payday loan company serves clients who may need loans for dental bills, unexpected medical bills, emergency home repair costs, house/rent payments, unexpectedly high utility bills , broken appliances, car repair costs or any other unforeseen expense. Applying for a loan at a bank takes time, requires a guarantee/co-signer, an individual’s credit review and other guidelines before the money is released. However, Capitol Drive Loans provides loans to people with good or bad credit within 24 hours, an approach that has contributed to its longevity as a Best payday loan company in Milwaukee WI.

In addition to credit checks, the loan company serves customers who have filed for bankruptcy, those who do not have a paycheck directly deposited into their account, and those who have been approved by SSI. Knowing that finances are a sensitive matter, the team respects the privacy of its clients at all levels. They also keep all personal information and transaction information confidential.

To apply for a payday loan from Capitol Drive Loans, a client needs a verifiable income and an open/active checking account. With this, they can start the application process over the phone, online, or at one of the company’s convenient locations. Once their request is received, they go through a quick approval stage before a customer can withdraw their money or check their bank account balance. During this process, the team offers advice on how to repay the loan and is available to answer any questions or concerns.

Capitol Drive Loans was founded over 20 years ago and has grown into a trusted loan provider with customer interests in mind. The managers and entire team of financial experts go above and beyond to make life easier for every client, regardless of their current situation, an approach that has earned them numerous 5-star reviews and positive testimonials.

To take advantage of these benefits, apply now for milwaukee payday loans on the company’s website. Capitol Drive Loans is located at 6512 W Capitol Dr, Milwaukee, WI, 53216, USA. For any additional inquiries, call 414-240-2543 to speak to an expert.

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