The Hilarious Reviews Americans Left After Visiting London’s Top Tourist Attractions

About four million Americans visit the UK each year with visions of sipping tea and bumping into the Queen.

When they arrive, many are disappointed with what they find and are not afraid to voice their opinion.

One thing many feel disappointed with is our famous landmarks and tourist attractions, which often do not meet their high expectations.

So we decided to browse the TripAdvisor reviews left by American tourists a bit to see what our friends across the Atlantic think of our national treasures.

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Big Ben – “It’s just a clock”

Big Ben is arguably our most iconic landmark, but not everyone is impressed with this one

Big Ben, completed in 1859, is undoubtedly one of the most famous clocks in the world. The tower is 96 meters high and the climb from the bottom to the top is a total of 334 steps.

But for some Americans, “it’s just a clock.”

As Nathan Smith Jr of Los Angeles wrote on TripAdvisor: “Unfortunately, when it comes to the UK, most Americans and non-Brits think of Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

“It’s just a steeple.”

Meanwhile, most recent visitors have been disappointed to find they had traveled half the world just to see scaffolding.

For four years, the tower was covered with scaffolding and the Big Ben chimes were silenced to allow much needed restoration work.

Trish, from New York, not seeing the fun side, said: “I know it’s always going to need repairs, but it’s disappointing to travel from America just to see a clock surrounded by scaffolding.”

Alvie, from Atlanta, said: “Big Ben has been closed for maintenance for about a year, and I thought it should be posted at the airport or something to let us know titled Americans!”

This comment makes you wonder if, had there been a sign, Alvie would have indeed returned home immediately after arriving at Heathrow.

Tower of London – “The Beefeaters are going to laugh and laugh at the Americans”

Tower of London Beefeaters are known to have a bit of fun at the expense of tourists
Tower of London Beefeaters are known to have a bit of fun at the expense of tourists

The Tower of London contains 1000 years of history, leaving many Americans in awe.

But some are disappointed with the crown jewels on display.

A tourist was absolutely disgusted to find that this was not just a collection of pretty necklaces.

Lauri of Mississippi captioned her review “Crown Jewels, Not Jewels.”

She said: “This uneducated American thought jewelry meant pearls and rubies, Queen Victoria’s diamond necklace from Albert, not platters and spoons and scepters.

“I was a little disappointed but the tour of the tower was AMAZING.”

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Another problem some Americans encountered at the Tower of London were the “rude” Beefeaters, who are known to have a bit of fun at their expense.

One tourist didn’t see the fun side of it at all, although he insisted he didn’t have thin skin.

He said: “The Tower of London was great, but a Beefeater seemed pretty un-American.

“I was afraid to speak because I felt like an odd number, but I was also embarrassed because he kept talking and hitting Americans and I just thought it was horrible.

“I know he was trying to be funny and I’m not thin skinned but I’m proud of who I am and I’m definitely proud of my nation.”

Meanwhile, Chicago’s Renée was clearly offended, titling her review “They Don’t Like Americans.”

She simply wrote, “Be prepared: the Beefeaters will laugh at the Americans for the entire tour.”

A spokesperson for the historic Royal Palaces, which run the Tower of London, reassured MyLondon that the teasing from Americans is all in good spirits.

They said: “Throughout the centuries, the Tower of London has welcomed everyone from Founding Fathers to First Ladies.

“Some, like Henry Laurens – a prominent figure in the American Revolution jailed on suspicion of high treason – received a harsher reception than others.

On this occasion, the guards on duty played the teasing Yankee Doodle tune outside his cell, while today this ironic approach to our friends across the pond continues in tours provided by our Yeoman Warders. “

London Eye – “Group of Americans thought they spotted the Eiffel Tower”

The London Eye is one of London's most popular family attractions
The London Eye Ferris Wheel is one of London’s most iconic landmarks

The London Eye, or as it is known now, has disappointed many tourists over the years. A common theme with critics of the is that it doesn’t run fast enough.

Whether tourists hoped it would be a thrill ride or got bored in the end, many have shared their opinions online.

Avia from Malibu said: “Eye thought that would be wonderful… I was disappointed.

“Everyone who goes to London sees the Ferris wheel in the sky! It’s on the bank of the Thames and it’s a very popular tourist attraction.

“After a very long wait you are placed in a capsule with about 20-25 other people and you take a very slow turn once. It takes 25-30 turns with the only great view from the moment you actually reach the Mountain peak.”

Another reviewer repeatedly called it “the eye of London”, while another called it “the I of London”.

However, it seems that a few Brits themselves found American tourists to be amusing.

A TripAdvisor reviewer from Bristol said the group of Americans in his group were convinced they had spotted the Eiffel Tower.

Tower Bridge – “It hasn’t changed my life”

I guess it's just a bridge ...
I guess it’s just a bridge …

Tower Bridge is one of the most famous bridges in the world, where you can climb the towers for panoramic views of London from the high-level walkways.

What could tourists complain about?

Courtney, from the United States, said she was furious the bridge had not changed her life.

She said: “This bridge is cool, but it’s not worth paying to go through the Tower of London to see it. It’s just a bridge and it hasn’t changed my life.”

Another very direct and quite sharp review of Ross in Atlanta said, “Oh look, it’s a bridge. It’s striped in blue. It’s famous. I don’t see any other reason to go. “

Yonas, from California, said: “To be honest, nothing special … Not me, cup of tea. Next time, I won’t waste my time trying to get through it.”

In the end, it’s just a bridge.

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