These are the 10 best countries for higher education in 2022, according to a survey

Choosing where to study abroad is not an easy decision to make. There are several important factors to consider when choosing a study abroad destination, including accommodation, cost of education, university reputation, etc.

The United States remains in the first place the most sought-after study destination among international students. This was also supported by a survey involving more than 17,000 students from around the world, conducted over the past year by The Campus Advisor, a global network helping students choose their study abroad destination, reports Erudera College News.

Students were asked to rate six categories on a scale of 1 to 5: quality education, cost of living for students, career prospects for graduates, student diversity, arts and culture, and social life.

According to the survey, the best countries for higher education in 2022 are:

United States

The United States has been the number one study abroad destination for international students for many years now. This country is home to more than one million international students.

The Campus Advisor survey also ranked the United States as the best study destination in the world, with a score of 4.82 out of five for quality of education.

Students ranked Stanford University as the best university in the United States for 2022, while Chicago was ranked as the best student city in the country.

Respondents rated the United States with 3.58 for Cost of Living as a Student, 4.81 for Graduate Prospects, 4.83 for Student Diversity, 4.56 for Life social and 4.68 for arts and culture.

In the 2021/22 academic year, the average tuition for in-state students at 4-year private, nonprofit institutions, according to Erudera, was $38,070. Meanwhile, at 4-year public institutions, the tuition for in-state students is $10,740.

Unlike other countries, students in the United States do not need to choose a major until their third year of higher education.


The UK ranked second among the best countries in the world for higher education in 2022, with an overall score of 4.51 out of 5.

The students rated the UK as follows:

  • Education Quality – 4.79
  • Cost of living as a student – 3.54
  • Graduate Prospects – 4.83
  • Student Diversity – 4.8
  • Social life – 4.59
  • Arts and culture – 4.53

Respondents chose the University of Oxford as the best provider of higher education in the UK, while Newcastle was chosen as the best student city in the country for this year.

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In the 2020/21 academic year, the UK welcomed 605,130 international students, reaching a decade earlier the target of attracting over 600,000 students, which was set for 2030. That year, the total number of EU students was 152,905, while from non-EU countries, 452,225 enrolled in UK universities.

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Australia has one of the best higher education systems in the world, with its universities consistently ranked among the top universities in the world.

Australia’s overall score in the Campus Advisor survey was 4.48 out of 5. The survey revealed that Melbourne is considered the best city for students this year and the University of Queensland was voted best university.

The country scored highest in social life (4.92), graduate career prospects (4.73), education quality (4.66), student diversity (4.44) , arts and culture (4.25) and cost of living as a student (3.88) .

According to government data, some 456,811 international students enrolled in Australian universities between January and April 2022.


Known as the land of poets and thinkers, Germany attracts thousands of international students every year. Erudera’s 2022 statistics show that more than 400,000 international students are studying in Germany.

Berlin was voted the best student city in Germany and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich was voted the best university in the country this year.

From one to five, students rated the career prospects of graduates in Germany with 4.79 points overall, arts and culture with 4.71 and social life with 4.77.

The other categories received the following ratings:

  • Quality of education (4.67)
  • Student Diversity (4.35)
  • Cost of living as a student (3.19)


It is a fact that more Irish people live abroad than at home. However, the country is an excellent destination for international students.

The survey ranked Ireland as the fifth best country for international students in 2022, with an overall score of 4.4 out of 5.

University College Cork received the majority of student votes as the best university in the country, while Cork was chosen as the best student city.

Berlin, Munich
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Ireland had the highest scores for arts and culture (4.82), career prospects for graduates (4.79), social life (4.63), quality of education (4. 51), student diversity (4.32) and cost of living as a student (3.33).

According to Erudera, tuition fees for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Ireland for non-EU students are between €9,850 and €55,000, while studies for EU undergraduates are free.

In 2021, Ireland welcomed over 25,000 international students.


Switzerland is also considered one of the best study destinations in the world. The students participating in the survey elected Zurich as the best student city and ETH Zurich as the best university in the country.

Switzerland received the highest scores for student diversity, education quality, graduate prospects and social life.

Tuition fees at Swiss universities, depending on the university, can range from 5,000 ($5,510) to 24,000 CHF ($26,450).


Canada currently has 388,782 international students, of which 39.4% (153,360) are enrolled in colleges and 60.5% or 235,419 attend universities.

The Campus Advisor survey showed that the University of British Columbia is the preferred university for international students. Students rated social life in Canada with the highest scores (4.78).

In Canada, international students voted Montreal the best student city.

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The same survey also placed Denmark among the best countries in the world for higher education. It ranked the country 4.34 out of 5, with career prospects for graduates scoring the highest (4.82).

Students voted the University of Copenhagen as the best in the country and Copenhagen as the best student city in 2022.

Denmark is known as the happiest place on earth, and students who responded to the Campus Advisor survey spoke highly of the social life in the country.

The Netherlands

The study ranked the Netherlands as the ninth best country to pursue higher education in the world.

Amsterdam summer sunrise, Netherlands
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According to the students, career prospects for graduates are at a good level in the country, receiving the highest marks (4.58).

The University of Amsterdam is the best university in the country for international students, while when it comes to the city, students said they prefer Utrecht.

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France completes this year the list of the best universities in the world for higher education. Students rated the country 4.31 out of 5.

In the country, they elected Paris the best city in France. Sorbonne University was ranked the best university in France in 2022.

France received 4.61 in the category quality of education, 4.55 in arts and culture, 4.51 in student diversity, 4.49 in social life, 4.46 in career prospects of graduates and 3.22 in the cost of living as a student.

Data from Erudera indicates that 370,000 international students enrolled in French universities in 2020/21, up from 358,000 a year earlier.

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