These are the top-rated attractions at Chicago’s Navy Pier

Chicago’s Navy Pier is an attraction that contains hundreds of other attractions, and it is one of most popular attractions in all the city. According Free time, this popular venue offers endless options for food and events to choose from. A trip to Navy Pier can be the perfect activity for a family day trip, an adventure with friends, or a romantic evening. From museums to mazes, the pier offers a wide variety of attractions that visitors of all ages can enjoy.

Here is what Free time had to say about the best Things to do at Navy Pier:

Chicago Children’s Museum:

“Connect learning and play through engaging exhibits at the Chicago Children’s Museum. Children and parents can explore all three floors for sensory experiences combined with literature, math, science, and creative pursuits; unearth dinosaur bones; learn CTA lanes; send miniature cars flying through a series of tracks; or show your creativity through arts and crafts. »

Navy Pier IMAX Theater:

“Don’t believe the misleading marketing used in movie theaters around town – there’s only one honest-to-god IMAX screen showing studio movies in Chicago and that’s on Navy Pier. Boasting a screen that At 60 feet tall and 86 feet wide, it’s the most immersive way to watch a movie (especially if it’s projected in 3D).”

Chicago Shakespeare Theater:

“In less than 20 years, this unassuming bardic troupe has grown from the back of a Lincoln Park pub to a tantalizing multimillion-dollar facility with spectacular views of Lake Michigan.”

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