These are the weirdest tourist attractions in IL, IN and KY

Illinois, Kentucky, and Indiana all have great tourist attractions you can visit, but these have been singled out as the weirdest.

When you think of tourist attractions to see in Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky, there are a few that might come to mind. In Illinois, you can think of Willis Tower Skydeck, Wrigley Field, Navy Pier, and other hotspots dotted throughout the state. When it comes to Indiana, you might think of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana Dunes, and Holiday World. Kentucky also has many tourist attractions, such as Churchill Downs, Rupp Arena, Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory, Mammoth Cave National Park, and Kentucky Lake/Lake Barkley. These are all great places to visit, but none of them would be considered “weird”.

That being said, there are some weird attractions scattered across the United States, including Illinois, Indiana, and Kentucky. News Feed created a list of the weirdest tourist attractions in each state. The list contains many weird, weird and unique attractions that you may not have heard of before. What has been named the weirdest tourist attraction in Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky? Let’s find out!

Illinois’ Weirdest Tourist Attraction

big things small town in Casey, Illinois is a small town that is home to some of the largest objects in the world. News Feed said:

Casey may be a small town, but it’s home to 12 major world records, including the world’s largest rocking chair, pitchfork, mailbox and wind chime.

You can take a look at all the giant stuff in this little town by clicking here.

Indiana’s Weirdest Tourist Attraction

Indiana is also home to what is the world’s largest…the world’s largest paintball in Alexandria. News Feed said:

What started out as a baseball dipped in paint has become, well, this. Visitors can even attempt to paint a new layer.

You can find out more and find out how you can help make that paintball even bigger by clicking here.

Kentucky’s Weirdest Tourist Attraction

Well, I don’t find it weird at all. In fact, I think it’s pretty cool. Cave City, Kentucky is home to world of dinosaurs. Here you can roam the park filled with hundreds of life-size dinosaurs in a natural setting. News Feed makes a good point by saying:

It’s not enough as high-tech as Jurassic Park, but maybe it’s better.

Learn more about what you can expect to see at Dinosaur World by click here.

Want to know what the weirdest tourist attractions in other states are? You can do this by click here.

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