This small Illinois town has 12 of the ‘greatest’ attractions of all time and they’re free to visit

There’s a little town called Casey, IL where you’ll find some of the biggest objects in the world, and you can visit them for free.

Here, you won’t just experience a quaint small town vibe, but rather a municipality full of random tall things, some of which hold world records.

Overall, this region of the Midwest offers tourists and city dwellers “Big Things Small Town” experience with 12 objects dubbed the “largest in the world” (plus one old one) and 21 other “great attractions” to visit.

Most attractions are open and accessible at all times of the day, the city’s website says. This means that you can take your time to understand the size of the monuments. However, there are a few located inside businesses that are not available during closing hours.

If you don’t know where to start your journey through Casey, you can study the map of the city which describes all the important places you wouldn’t want to miss.


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You can gape at things like the the biggest in the world rocking chair, truck key or even a mailbox, to name a few.

There are also tall recognizable characters in the Community Collection, like a colossal Minion and a massive Poké Ball you can sit in.

According Southern Illinois Tourismthese unique gigantic objects are the brains of local businessman Jim Bolin.

In the mid-2000s, the Illinois man wanted to capture traffic from the highways that run through the area and attract tourists, so he built the “world’s tallest wind chime” for the first time, which stands at 49 feet. from above.

The original statue was just the beginning of what is now a hub for exploration in the Midwestern United States.

big things small town

Price: Free

Address: various locations around Casey, IL

Why you need to go: There are giant, record-breaking objects you can visit.


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