Top Attractions to Explore in Key West in Summer

Key West is a jewel of Florida and the greater East Coast, filled with plenty of summertime opportunities for adventurers, foodies, vacationers and explorers. Located at the southernmost tip of the continental United States, Key West is both a hub of top attractions and a paradise for tourists and vacationers. The limitless opportunities and the beautiful landscapes, sites, culture and ambiance are just a completely different experience for all visitors and travelers who love the world. These are the top attractions to explore in Key West in the summer.

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ten Mallory Square

For travelers and all visitors to Key West, sun-watching on Mallory Square is a must-do activity as it sits on the distant horizon over the Gulf of Mexico. Travelers also enjoy the sunset celebration in the square with many dances, performances, vendors and talent shows from various groups including magicians and entertainers which have made this place adorable. since 1960 as a tradition. Besides the golden hue as the sun sets, visitors can also enjoy other attractions such as local art, Mallory shopping, souvenirs and refreshments.

9 Duval Street

Duval Street is a beautiful area with a wide range of attractions including hotels, restaurants, bars and shops designed to entertain tourists and cruise ship passengers. It’s the main street with all the vibe and energy of the city well focused and balanced to give visitors the pleasure they deserve. Here you’ll find historic homes and popular tourist attractions, including Kermit’s Key Lime Pie Shop and the Hemingway Days Festival.

8 Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is one of the most popular attractions to explore in Key West in the summer. “Dry Park” is derived from the fact that it lacks fresh water, and “Tortugas” was generated from the number of turtles found here. Tourists can access the place by boat or seaplane, where they enjoy playing billiards, diving and swimming and visiting Fort Jefferson – the largest brick masonry structure in America.

seven Ernest Hemingway’s House and Museum

The Ernest Hemingway House and Museum is a must-see site for all tourists and travelers. The site was home to famous author Ernest Hemingway who bought it from a colonialist and developed it. It is a place frequented by tourists, and it is advised that visitors prefer to visit it early.

The site has a historic Hemingway collection of 17th and 18th century Spanish furniture. About 40 descendants of Hemingway’s brood of domestic cats roam the park he claimed to have created with all his finances.

6 Key West Nature and Butterfly Conservatory

Key West Nature and Butterfly Conservatory is a family attraction to explore in Key West in the summer. This site attracts children of all ages who enjoy walking among more than 50 different species of butterflies in the butterfly and nature reserve. The natural habitat is also home to over 20 different species of resident birds, making it an attraction for all types of visitors and vacationers, whether family vacationers, photographers, lovers of nature or children. For educational visits, the site offers an exhibition on the life cycle of a butterfly.

5 southernmost point

In Key West, travelers discover the ultimate southern point of the southernmost continental United States. The point is marked in yellow, black and red concrete on Whitehead Street. Vendors and artists gather here to sell and showcase their talents and wares while tourists enjoy the real Mallory feel. It also provides a selfie-friendly background for visitors to queue and wait their turn. It is quite a lively place and one of the most photographed.

4 Mel Fisher Maritime Museum

The museum tells the story of a fisherman who discovered several shipwrecks, including one with extremely valuable artifacts and another with valuable items of historical value. The two shipwrecks named Santa Margarita and Henrietta Marie are a must-see for tourists and explorers visiting Key West. The museum exhibits many artifacts and tools discovered and recovered from the wreck that pay a rich tribute to the history, including tools used for navigation, other daily tools used by sailors, a 77.76 carat emerald , underwater archeology and video demonstrations. Diving lessons are also offered.

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3 Fort Zachary Taylor State Historic Museum

The fort, built between 1845 and 1866, was intended for protection during the Civil War. It is a major attraction as it gives visitors a step back in time by demonstrating an extensive collection of centuries-old weaponry from the Civil War era. The site deserves a visit as an important historical monument. The beach offers a great picnic spot for tourists with a nice pool table area and nature walking trails. Concerts and events are held here, including a pirate festival.

2 The Overseas Highway

A true Key West experience is worth the thrill and scenic drive along the longest trip overseas across interconnecting bridges. The popular highway has been a popular site for movies, featured in several films including 2 Fast 2 Furious and License to Kill. The highway is a two-way road which is not very conducive to speeding where most tourists and travelers have to travel around 45 miles per hour. However, the experience is worth the time and the drive, no matter how thrilling the island gets.

1 Key West Lighthouse and Keepers Museum

This historic landmark is among the top attractions to explore in Key West in the summer. The lighthouse was built in 1847 and opened in 1848 after completion – work done by a woman. The construction was such a rare creation of that time, having been made by a woman. The lighthouse is 86 feet tall and for a better view, tourists consider climbing it 84 feet over the bridge. It houses furniture, household items and photos of keepers who kept the fire going despite being decommissioned after its lenses became obsolete.

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