Top Under-the-Radar Attractions in Las Vegas

A Vegas institution since it opened in 1958, the golden steer is one of the oldest steakhouses in Sin City. Owner Amanda Signorelli says the Steer is known for its commitment to old-fashioned fine dining, explaining, “When you walk into the Golden Steer, you feel like you’ve been transported back in time and you have a taste of taste of the soul of Las Vegas. .” She would know: the restaurant has been in her family for decades.

If you love Vegas star history, the Steer is also a great option. Dozens of big names have passed through the restaurant’s history, including Sammy Davis, Jr., Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio, Elvis Presley and Garth Brooks. Signorelli says the restaurant has kept track of the icons’ favorite booths and notes that customers can request a spot once held by their Hollywood hero. “A lot of people will walk in and say, ‘Hey, for my birthday, I want to book Frank Sinatra’s booth,'” she explains, saying booths like Sinatras often even contain memorabilia of homes, life and the lives of their famous clients.

Signorelli says the tradition of dedicated booths began in honor of Sammy Davis, Jr., who always ate at Steer. For much of Davis’ early career in Vegas, the city was still deeply de facto segregated. Davis, in turn, couldn’t always stay in the same hotels as his pals like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. He also couldn’t dine at the same restaurants. Signorelli says the Golden Steer decided to take a stand, telling Davis he would always have a seat in their main dining room. “We said, ‘You choose where it is, and we’ll treat it like your home,'” she said. Davis did, and the restaurant made his dedicated spot available at all times. The rest of the Rat Pack were very supportive of it, Signorelli says, explaining that “Frank in particular” admired the restaurant’s commitment to creating a safe space for his friend and started going there regularly. “We actually have customers who over the years have come and said, ‘I remember the day I had dinner at the restaurant, Frank Sinatra was serenading me. He came after his show, and he was drinking and dancing on the tables while smoking a cigar.’ says Signorelli.

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