Universal Studios is tearing down some attractions and rumors are circulating about what might replace them

Universal Studios Orlando is currently undergoing many changes. Whether it’s rumors like potentially remove Brendan Fraser from the queue of The Mummy’s Revengeor the absolutely confirmed epic universe third gate extension, dust is swirling around the park as we speak. There will be a lot more in the air around these parts, as Universal Studios tears down an attraction and rumors swirl about what might replace it.

Universal Studios Orlando attractions being demolished

As we heard earlier this year, Shrek 4D and its gift shop are officially closing for good starting January 10, 2022. In addition to the news that the Fear Factor Live To display won’t come back eitherit looks like these two defunct attractions will be torn down one way or another, according to the latest scoop from Orlando Park Stop. Although it is not a total scrap job for these two entertainments which will soon be replaced.

According to the permit applications cited in this report, Shrek 4D will only be a partial demolition, with most of the demonstration limited to devices and systems installed in the current show building. However, Fear Factor live the theater is going to be totally destroyed, with the future acting as a blank slate for one lucky attraction. Which brings us to rumors about new toys Universal Studios Orlando might release in place of these departing veterans.

The rumored attractions that could replace Shrek 4D and Fear Factor Live

There couldn’t be a more fitting replacement for Shrek 4D that the Dreamworks Theater attraction, which is currently operational at Universal Studios Hollywood. A rotating attraction designed to showcase the studio’s Universal-owned intellectual property, it’s one of two rumored successors to the new build that will be made. Although there are whispers that Universal Studios Hollywood The Secret Life of Pets: Off Leashor even a Minions flavored attraction, could be the newcomer in town, according to those same reports.

Regarding Fear Factor live total demolition, if you guessed The Wizarding World of Harry Potter could get an expansion in this space, treat yourself to a Chocolate Frog. It’s a potential plan that makes a lot of sense, as this space is right next to the Diagon Alley Experience at Universal Studios Orlando. Men In Black: Alien Attack might want to watch his back, or he might be the next victim of the ever-growing presence of the Magic world.

Naturally, all these theories are in the air, because they are just rumors. Although it would appear that the speculated ideas for these two spaces match Universal Studios’ current IP playbook and the spaces in the parks they could potentially inhabit. We’ll just have to wait and see if those prospects become reality, or if something bigger and potentially better is on the horizon.

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