Website lists odd sights and attractions on SouthCoast

Nearby Massachusetts and Rhode Island are pretty cool states with lots of cool and interesting things to see, aren’t they? I’m glad you agree.

But for someone from outside the region, some of the sights we take for granted might seem, oh, a little strange or just plain bizarre.

Landmarks such as the Big Blue Bug (did you know his real name?) on I-95 in Providence or the giant milk bottle – formerly Frates Ice Cream – which is now G&S Pizza on Acushnet Avenue in New Bedford might qualify.

Website lists SouthCoast ‘quirks’ and ‘strange attractions’

Google Maps

What would a stranger think Salty the Seahorse in Mattapoisett?

How about the sea flower sculpture in front of the Federal Building in downtown New Bedford?

Website lists SouthCoast ‘quirks’ and ‘strange attractions’

Google Maps

There is a site called which lists “all the weird attractions, hidden sights and quirky places” across the country. The site includes “attractions and sights” from all 50 states based on “visitor tips, news, stories and reports from the field.”

Website lists SouthCoast ‘quirks’ and ‘strange attractions’

Big Blue Bug Solutions

There is a page dedicated to “Massachusetts Attractions and Sights”, many of which in the greater SouthCoast area, such as Fall River Rolling Rock and the The largest collection of nativity scenes in the world in Attleboro.

Rhode Island has its own page on Roadside listing oddities such as The Hollywood walk of fame in Pawtucket and the Grave of the Connonball Slayer at Swan Point Cemetery in Providence. This one is weird.

Roadside is a great tool for planning your next road trip by finding weird sights to visit along the way. It’s also a great way to find weird things to see near you that you didn’t know existed.

Paranormal Activity Reported in Massachusetts’ Bridgewater Triangle

In his 1983 book mysterious america, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman introduced a term he coined in the late 1970s – the Bridgewater Triangle – to describe an area with an abnormal level of paranormal activity and high weirdness in southeastern Massachusetts. Over the years, the concept of the Triangle has expanded to include ghostly reports, UFO sightings, cryptic encounters, alien abductions and more across a wider swath of southern New England.

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